The iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

bluetooth meat thermometer

The summer is almost here and its grilling season and I am sure you do not want to be stuck at a backyard barbecue staring into the grill all the time, know you are a griller of the 21st century and there must be a tech to make cooking meat at a constant temperature easier. Guess what there is actually a Bluetooth meat thermometer called iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer that makes cooking grilled meat to a perfection that much simpler. The device has four (4) individual probes and can resist a wide variety of temperatures, simply hook it up to the grill or similar device and pair the iGrill with the accompanying app and you can monitor the temps of your meat while mixing and mingling with every one while you cook.

bluetooth meat thermometer

The iGrill2 uses 2 AA batteries which after installing should not need changing for a few hundred hours of use as it highly energy-efficient. For convenience the display is also illuminated and gives a read out of your temperatures with a simple and straightforward interface and its more than flexible as to the smartphones or tablet that you can connect the device to which are running iOS from Apple or Android Jelly bean (Android 4.3) or above. While you grill with this great Bluetooth thermometer you can be anywhere within 150 feet by Bluetooth of the Grill and keep tabs on the temps of your meat or tell when they are done.

Imagine that in the past if you wanted to do such a thing it would have been impossible and you would have to go from experience and intuition, but now even a novice Griller armed with this meat thermometer can easily tell when chicken or other forms of meat or ready or can prepare their food at the perfect temperature for consistent and a through cook.

There is also the flexibility of setting alarm temps for certain preset temperatures. Another thing you will love about this grilling thermometer is how compact and easy to maneuver it is while you cook, its guaranteed never to get in your way as you prepare food for friends or guests.

How does it work?

bluetooth meat thermometer

Simply attach one of the four (4) probes and place the metallic end into the meat such as a steak or so on that’s ready for the grill and they can stay in place while your meat cooks. From here you simply power up the iGrill and easily pair it to your Smartphone which is super easy and start monitoring temps in real-time.And if you need an added level of protection so that you do not over cook your meat you can conveniently set temperature alarms from within the App and you will be notified at specified temps.

The iGrill2 also features magnetic mounting so that you can safely attach it to the side of your metallic grill or smoker easily and safely. At this vantage point it will be just as if it was a natural part of your grill. The wires that are a part of the meat probes are 45.5″ long and are perfect length for wherever you may want to place the iGrill2.

Features of the Accompanying App

The iGrill Apps is very feature rich other than allowing complete control over the iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth meat Thermometer it also gives great recipes in a nice format that just about anyone can follow even if you are new to the world of Grilling. There is even a community that’s allows you to see what other Grillers using the iGrill device are up to with their device all over the planet, so know you are not alone.It’s also very connected as you can snap pictures and share easily on major social networks that you frequent.You can even use the graph outlining the entire temperatures right through out your cook.


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