The Cube

The Cube

The Cube is an evaluation of the standard Rubik’s cube and has taken the concept of the traditional cube and built on the foundation for a much smoother moving cube that makes solving this one much better than the traditional puzzle. One of the problems with the traditional version is that if you were trying to speed solve the Rubik’s cube it could end up jamming on you and over time fade with use among other annoying issues.

The quality of this Rubik’s cube has also been improved dramatically to guarantee that it will last longer and that the colors will not fade with use as with the traditional version which translates to a device that has improved on the original by leaps and bounds.

The cube box

You can have hours of fun and really give your brain a real test as you try to solve one of the worlds best brain teasing puzzles that simply does not get boring as it really fun to master. It makes for a great and yet simple gift idea that’s really nice for kids or even adults regardless of their gender and it will be instantly recognizable. Plus no matter the occasion this will fit as a suitable gift.

One of the first things that you will notice after getting The Cube in hand is how easily it turns along with the rounded edges that gives everything a nice feel, plus the colors are really nice and vivid and solving it is really more fun than the original as you are not obstructed by problems with moving the tiles which slide easily.


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