The Best Receivers‎ for superior Audio

Best Receivers‎

Great Music, video or games start with a great audio setup. With that been said I would like to look at a list of the top 10 best Receivers that you can pick up right now to start enjoying superior audio for whatever reason you would like around the house or for other locations these devices will suit all your Audio needs.

So even if you are not sure what to pick up do look at our best selections and then go from there.You cant really put a price on great audio but your ears will thank you for it and you will not be able to listen to flat sound from less than superior devices again and trust me you wont want to once you treat yourself to the soothing effects of great audio. You will hear things in movies you never heard before or notice them once you start listening the way the musicians and producers intended you to listen to them.

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Best Receivers‎ for Audio

1. Onkyo TX-RZ800

Best Receivers‎

The Onkyo TX-RZ800 produces an impressive 185 watts per channel. This thing will make you feel as if you are at the theaters when watching the latest movies or TV shows in the comfort of your living room. It has separate amp and processing blocks and produces deep rich bass. You can even produce great sound from Analog sources. The circuits are designed so you will not get any unwanted feedback.

2. Marantz SR-6011

Best Receivers‎

This Marantz SR-6011 produces really good sound. It has a basic user interface and the remote that’s included is nothing special. It’s great for listening to dialogue and vocals and doesn’t produce a lot of excess heat like some receivers.

Another cool thing is that you will get no lag. Its floating point dsp processor powered and plays uncompressed audio files. The price tag is on the high side but it’s still a great device if you can afford it.

3.Denon AVR-S510BT

Best Receivers‎

This is a quality product that not overly expensive offering great bang for your buck in terms of performance. It has compatibility for HDMI 2.0. It has a clear on screen display, integrated Bluetooth and it fits well in a medium cabinets.You can easily put together a great 5.1 Audio system without breaking the bank with this at the center. It switches between inputs slowly though so bear that in mind in case that would be a deal breaker for you, otherwise its a really good buy.

4. Onkyo TX-NR545

Best Receivers‎

This thing has Six (6) HDMI inputs and half of these are HDCP 2.2 copy protection encoding. The coolest thing is the built in WiFi that allows you to stream music from your favorite streaming service such as Spotify and Pandora. You can adjust settings on the fly without interfering or messing with playback during the process.

It features accueq music calibration, dynamic audio reproduction and if it had one drawback its that the interface feels clunky and could be much better than it is.

5.Denon AVR-S920W

Best Receivers‎

If you are looking for a premium home theater experience then then the Denon AVR-S920W is for you. You also get 3D and 4K compatibility. You will also get sound optimization with its built in technology. It can play most audio files and has low distortion at all volume levels and even saves you money with its energy efficient eco mode.

It has 7.2 channel support and built in Bluetooth and WiFi. You also get a remote to control it all. GO check it out you will not be disappointed.

Do remember to pick up some speakers that work with your Receiver‎ in order to start enjoying great Audio from your living room or home entertainment center.

6.Yamaha RX-A1050

Produces a high quality sound experience using analogue or while streaming music. It also supports 60 fps HD video pass through and Dolby atmos.

7.Sony STRDN1070

You can hardly go wrong with a Sony branded receiver. They are WiFi and Bluetooth ready out the box and can handle 4k video for a great listening experience. You can control this device through smart devices and it has eight (8) hi-def inputs and produces a natural sound.

8.Pioneer Elite SC-97

This one is well designed and has a nice brushed aluminum front panel with cool LEDs’.You also have a conveniently placed headphone jack and USB port for easy access for the user. This beast can deliver 165 watts of power in stereo mode. It has powerful dynamic amps and easily works with 4 and 8 ohms speakers that you can connect easily.

9.Yamaha RX-V681

The Yamaha RX-V681 has more inputs than you can shake a stick at. This is good as you can connect just about any device you want. You will have WiFi and Bluetooth. Additionally you will have 4K support. Overall the user interface is easy to work with and navigate. You even have built in sound optimization for best possible sound.

10.Sony STRZA3000ES

This receiver is a 7.2 channel receiver that has support for the latest standards and therefore makes it future proof. You get Eight assignable inputs, 4k compliant. You will also receive a Giga Ethernet hub with 8 ports. You will be blown away by the impressive sound that comes from this device especially if you have an ear for great audio.








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