The Best Lego Sets

best lego sets

LEGOS make for some of the most interesting kids toys based on the share fact that they are so interesting and flexible in terms of what you can build with them. One single pack can hold a universe of possibility for a kid or teen and they are designed to be as tough and survive even the most intense play sessions, with this in mind no wonder kids and parents can’t get enough of these plastic bricks. Today I would like to look at the Best LEGO sets around that money can buy.

These sets are all highly rated and if you are thinking of getting your child some LEGOS for Christmas, Birthday or just for a regular gift this would be the place to start as contained here is the LEGO sets that are the best of the lot.

Best Lego Sets

Lets get this ball rolling with our first Lego of our Best LEGO set list:

1. LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 6212

best lego sets

From the best of the star wars Lego sets we have the Special edition X-Wing fighter which in Lego style is highly customizable to your kids needs with a total of 437 pieces that’s built to the original authentic specifications. Star Wars and Lego fans can also get this one as it combines two classics into one amassing package. The X-wing is a classic iconic Star Wars fighter that’s instantly recognizable and you can mess with the overall design with this Lego set either building the classic ship or modifying it to your liking which makes this one of the best Lego sets ever made.

2.LEGO City Fire Truck 60002

best lego sets

The Lego Fire truck is the ultimate fire truck that you can own with 2 firefighter figures and their cool fire fighting gear such as ladder, Axe, fire extinguisher and more, I love this set as kids get the joy of putting it together by themselves then they can have great fun playing make-believe with it and they can mix and match this with their other sets. Kids as young as 5 years old and up can have fun playing with this set allot.

3. LEGO Friends Heartlake Pet Salon 41007

best lego sets

Move over boys as even the girls can now play with LEGOS with a LEGO Friends set, introducing the Pet salon which is a very popular unit among girls which is ideal for ages 6-12 years old and comes with 242 pieces. Inside you can find Emma and Joanna doll figures and their cute pet who is an adorable and beautiful poodle, also included is a rotating grooming table, bath tub, birdhouses, shop counter, accessory stand, water dish and faucet. This set is fun as it gives little girls all they need to have some real fun plus they can collect several Lego friends sets and have one big play sessions with their friends as they are all flexible and fun sets.

4. LEGO Star Wars Death Star (10188)

best lego sets

If you love star wars this is one of the Best Lego Sets ever for you or your kid, meet the Lego Star Wars Death Star, its recommended for kids of ages 14 years or older or even for an adult who is a major star wars fan. It contains an impressive 3803 pieces in total and is one of the most impressive Lego sets that you can find anywhere and is not for the faint of heart and remember this one is for the bigger kids or teens to adults due to the share complexity of the set, that aside its a really nice set with 23 mini figures or characters and is for the serious star wars enthusiast.

5.LEGO City Police High Speed Chase 60007

best lego sets

The Lego city police High speed Chase is best for kids 5 years to 12 and contains 283 pieces in total and you get a total of three (3) figures. The figures includes: Chase McCain, burglar and an Elite Police motorcycle officer with handcuffs along with the police vehicle, motorcycle and a sports car. Kids especially boys can have fun with friends taking turns being the police or high-speed racer as they have fun all over the house with this exciting set. I love this play set as it recreates a common theme of kids play which makes this Lego play set really appealing to young kids.

6. LEGO Duplo Basic Bricks

best lego sets

The LEGO Duplo Basic bricks are true classic styled bricks as sometimes it really cool just to take things back to their basic level where you can construct anything you desire without a theme as our other sets. This set is best for kids of all ages from 1-5 years old and contains a total of 80 pieces, the reason I love these is that they are very colorful and great for smaller kids to express themselves. If you have very small kids and want to get them a starter set you have found the correct one here.

7. LEGO Super Heroes Superman Vs Power Armor Lex 6862

best lego sets

I love this Lego set as it features cool super heroes, its recommended for kids ages 6-12 and comprises 207 pieces. Included are superman, power armor Lex Luther and Wonder woman. I really love this set as it features a classic rivalry between superman and Lex Luther and is quite balanced as they have also included wonder woman into the mix for some added fun and your kids will love it simply because it has cool super heroes, what else can you ask for.

8. LEGO Tower Bridge 10214

best lego sets

The Lego Tower bridge is for 16 year olds and over and consists of  4295 pieces in total and is the ideal set to really show off your Lego building skills. also included in this set are a black London styled taxi, a truck that’s yellow, green car and even a traditional red double-Decker bus to finish things off. The set also looks exactly as pictured and this structure is very sturdy and the bricks themselves are well-built.  If you want to really test your skills at building then this is definitely the Lego set to have as it makes for a very nice gift.

9. LEGO Scooby-Doo 75901 Mystery Plane Adventures Building Kit

best lego sets

This is another cool Lego set for the kids ideal for ages 5-12 and contains 128 pieces in total. The set contains the characters from Scooby Doo such as the Headless Horseman with sword and a pumkinhead, a horse, special brick with a mystery clue, golden cup, a plane, scooby Doo with goggles, hamburger bombs and shaggy of course. I love this set as it has all the elements to lead to your very own Mystery with Scooby and shaggy, somethings kids will love to do and with all the elements of this play set the adventures and possibilities are endless.

10.LEGO Friends 41100 Heartlake Private Jet Building Kit

best lego sets

The Lego friends Heartlake jet building kit is another amassing cool Lego set for the Girls to really get lost in. This is for girls ages 6-12 and contains 230 pieces. The set includes everything you would carry unto a real plane that can open up so you can see and play inside, accessories include bags, drinks, flowers, trays and Laptops. There is even a scanner to screen passengers as they board the plane. Friends Olivia and Mathew can go anywhere they want on their holiday trip with you as the pilot of this Lego set.


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