Tardis Mini Fridge from Doctor Who

Tardis Mini Fridge

If you are a Doctor Who fan then prepare yourself for the ultimate mini fridge and collectible, its none other than the Tardis Mini Fridge which will hold your favorite beverages and small refrigerated foods in the most convenient of places such as on your desk or even in a car if you can believe that.

What can this Mini Fridge Hold?

You will be able to hold up to 6 cans of regular 12 ounce sodas and small nix nax, the Tardis Mini Fridge is 10.5 inches high by 7.5 inches wide to give you an ideas of its dimensions and can fit in the smallest of spaces. If you think that was all the fridge also has a warming function in case you would like to warm your food.

You are going to love this Mini Fridge as it the perfect desk accessory, to think with the two modes of hot or cold you can conveniently sit at your desk and without moving at all you can have ice cold sodas or other beverages and even heat up your favorite snacks.

The Price

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Sci-Fi fans Will Go Crazy for this one

Being a major Science Fiction Fan you can imagine the allure of having this piece on your desk, it always draws attention and spark interesting conversations, it’s a truly unique and interesting items. It’s also very reliable and convenient.

Why should I get this Mini Refrigerator?

1. It’s down right awesome!!!

2. Conveniently cools and heats food and drink right from your desk, great for a busy office or laid back person (Wink).

3. Holds up to six (6) can of your favorite drink, plus a snack.

4. Will work with Standard American outlets.

5. Great collectible for Doctor Who fans.



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