Spikeball Set



Spikeball is very similar to volleyball with a net similar to a trampoline that placed between a team of two on ether side. On your turn you hit the ball off the net of the trampoline to your opponent and they have three hits in order to bounce it off the net back to you.

How to play?

Spikeball is ideal for play at the beach and is the ideal team match of 2 VS 2 players. To identify teams you can use colors or skins vs shirted players if you like.  When the ball is in play and hits the net (Trampoline) this is similar to the ball going over the net in volleyball. The opposing team as was indicated before then has three (3) hits in order to set up his or her teammate to bounce the ball on the net again. A team-mate may only hit the ball one time in a row. Players can move around the net as they play and there is no designated sides.

Points System

A point is rewarded to the opposing team if players are unable to hit the net on their turn to successfully return the ball to the other side. The first team to reach 21 points wins or you can make up your own rules. If a team hits the rim of the net the opposing team gets the point. When hitting the ball on the net it should bounce off in a smooth and clean manner and should not bounce twice, if it does bounce twice the opposing team gets the point.

You can use hands and other parts of your body to play such as your feet and so on. Players can even use their head when playing as well which makes this a very versatile and fun game once players get into it. Players should not make contact with other players as they play so as to hinder or obstruct the player.

What do you get with the set?

with this awesome set you get a net, three (3) sets of balls and a carrying case.


Spikeball is becoming really popular sport that’s catching on really fast. I personally love the game as it captures the best parts of volleyball which is the spiking and turns it into a versatile and fun game just about anyone can really enjoy. It’s both fun and so easy to lean that just about any one can lean-to play in minutes.


Best part is that like volleyball there are basic sills levels and you can really add flair to the game by use different body parts and team communication and then that’s where stuff gets fun. This can also beam a professional team sport as it’s really enjoyable game to play and watch.So get your set today.Also this product was also featured on Shark Tank too for those who watch that show.

Where to buy?

You can buy this great product below:

Why you should buy this Game set?

1.It’s a very fun and fast growing sport.

2.Easy to learn how to play within minutes.

3. Can be played by various age groups.

4.Great price and comes with all you need.



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