Best Shopkins for you to collect

Best Shopkins

What are Shopkins you might ask? well they are super popular toys that are shaped like various shopping items such as foods, household fixtures and much more that kids adore as they get to play with them. These toys come in different seasons that offer a variety of different themed Shopkins for kids to collect and they are ideal for both boys and girls alike.

They can even be used as pencil toppers and so on. These toys and collectibles are ideal for kids 5 years and above and is a great hobby that lots of kids are into today, the best part about Shopkins is trading and playing with friends. There are roughly 140 unique Shopkins to collect between each generation from season 1 all the way up to season 4 and there are even future seasons to come as well.

Start your own Shopkins collection:

Choose a season below whether you are a beginner or a seasoned collector as each set comes with various sets of characters so you can get multiples of each from each season in order to try to collect all the Shopkins from each season which amounts to 140 each season.

1. Shopkins Season 4 Toy Figure (12 Pack)


This pack contains 12 shopkins from season 4 for you to collect and the consents of each pack is random. They are great for a kids to collect or as gifts for a birthdays that will not fail to please.

2. Shopkins Season 3 (12-Pack)


The best thing about Shopkins is that as you collect and even if you get multiples of the same ones you can trade with friends to collect them all eventually by getting ones you don’t have.

3.Shopkins Season 2 (12 Pack)


All packs contains random characters and you can get anywhere from random regular characters to rare ones that are hard to find.Included with this set you will also find a shopping basket, a set of four shopping bags and a collector’s guide to help you keep track of it all. This set also includes 2 hidden shopkins.

4. Shopkins Season 1


Talk about the best Shopkins for you to collect this is the season that started it the craze among kids and the best place for you to start out.


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