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selk bag

If you love life in the outdoor or you have to bear extreme cold temperatures then you are going to absolutely love the Selk’bag which offers great flexibility as a wearable all-weather clothing and sleeping bag system all in one. This thing is totally amazing and very impressive you can take it camping or find useful wearable uses for it around the house both indoor and outdoor without it getting in the way of you and things you need to do.

Features of the Selk bag

It also has a variety of cool new features that makes it even better than previous models which includes a removable foot section that allows you to wear your own foot wear. Leg ventilation and a hood that’s easily adjustable so that you can get up from sleep in it and go. If you are going camping I would advise you to get one of these it will last for years and the uses are endless.

It fits snug and does not hinder your ability to move or slow you down one bit as you are out and about. Even the sleeves are adjustable so that you can roll up the sleeves and do what you need to without them getting in the way. Imagine going camping withe the Selk bag and setting up your campsite with your Camping kit and settling in for the night wearing your selk bag you will be super comfortable and protected from the elements whether its dry or wet out. Then in the morning you can simply get up and go about your activities after having a restful night sleep all without a second to worry about changing or putting on the right gear. Now isn’t that convenient?

Customizations and options

Plus the Selk bag folds up nicely and has a nice carry sack for convenience. Plus it has a variety of colors and sizes that will fit just about any body type that you can find, including versions that will fit the kids. Where the Selk bag really shines though is in giving you very nice comfort while you sleep as it provides great warmth and comfort that you will not lose if you are in the outdoors and need to go outside for one reason or the other. Go ahead and check it out:

Selk'bag Lite 4G
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Selk'bag Original 4G
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