Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter

Segway miniPRO

Say goodbye to hoverboards and meet the all new Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter. These are very reliable as they are made by the company Segway so you can buy with confidence.This is a very cool way to get around and they are safe in comparison to some other devices that look kinda similar. This contains gyro stabilization technology for a easier and more convenient riding technology.

You can turn this device on with the push of a button and you get a very cool battery indicator on the small LED type screen that’s on the front of this device. It has cool lights in the back to indicate what direction you are moving in, Blue means you are moving forward and red means you are in reverse. The lights are very bright and very visible to others in the day. It lights up as well when you break or turn so as not to surprise those around you as what you are doing.

The Segway MiniPRO

The segway MiniPRO also comes with an accompanying app. It’s easy to lean how to use the Segway you simply get on with both feet .You can easily move forward backwards and turn with slight gestures in the direction you need to move and the Segway will respond and move with ease.Much like how a Hoverboard would work, but do note this device is very different and does not have the issues of those devices.

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So slight tilt gesture in the knees and the bar in center rests just at your knees and can move as you tilt to indicate you want to turn. It’s really comfortable to ride and designed to make moving around really easy and effortless. It’s also stands upright when no one is on it and is easy to mount or dismount the device. For gripping your feet the foot surface is textured for maximum grip. The top speed is 10 mph and can travel about 14 miles.You can choose between the Black and white version although the Black looks way better.The mid section also has a pull out handle which allows you to pull the Segway as you move if necessary.

As you get accustomed to the Segway MiniPro and go through the tutorials and cover more and more distance the Segway will give you more and more access to features such as top speed.  So it basically ease you in and make sure you are prepared before giving you more resources.I think this is a smart and responsible way to actually hand over controls to the user who in most cases is getting accustomed to this all new device.

The App

The App can be used to control the Segway MiniPro by moving it forwards, backwards or have it turn on the spot. This works via Bluetooth and will not work while someone is on the Segway. So you can only control it while they are off.The App also has cool tutorials to run you through what it can do so there is never any doubt as whats what.

You can customize the LED lights on your Segway MiniPro as well using the app.This is a convenient way in making your device truly yours as you tune it to your liking.

Where to Buy:

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Why buy this Segway MiniPRO?

1.Its very safe and comes from a great company.

2.Has cool controls and App support.

3.Easy to learn how to use.

4.Has great range.

5.Cool setup that’s gives you access to more features as you get accustomed to the device.

This product is well made and is worth the price. You can also trust you are getting a good product as it’s not some mass-produced garbage that will catch fire as some products in the past. This is ideal for taking with you as you cover short to medium distances and want to get around with very little difficulty at all. Setup is easy major it comes with just two major parts out the box.You should definitely pick one of these up immediately.


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