Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer

Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer

Ever wish you could go for a bike ride and take the kids along? well now you can with a Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer. It easily attached to your existing bicycle and you can go riding and carry the kids with you. They will be well protected from the elements and any harm.So you can ride with full piece of mind.

The Package

The package contains all you need such as the easy to assemble frame, wheels and the cover. Everything folds out-of-place to take the shape of the trailer. The wheels easily attach, you have two large wheels at the back and a covering that goes over the canopy of the trailer. The main connection at the front easily attaches to the bike which the adult rides while the kids are in the back.Assembly can take up to 5 minutes when you are not sure what to do. But once you know what to do it can be assembled in one minute easy.

Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer

The Bicycle Trailer

This Bicycle Trailer is almost perfect as it has a lot of cool features which both kids and parents will love. The parents get to stay active and kids can have fun going on rides with their parents. The trailer has storage pockets for keeping extra trinkets for the kids so you can bring stuff along which you or the kids might need.You can even make deliveries with your child in tow.

It can also hold and safety seat one or two kids easily. The Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer will remain in a stationary position while you ride so no tilting or reclining.This provides for a comfortable riding position for the kids that remains stable the entire trip.

Storage and Transport

The entire mechanism collapse easily to a very portable and convenient size that’s easy to transport. You can fit it into the back of car or where ever you have space on your vehicle.  The parts attach easily and can be removed later on .The cover can be added on as they snap into place or be removed based on your needs.The front section acts as a 2-in-1 canopy which is both a bug screen and weather shield.You even get an additional safety leash to act as a backup in case the primary were to fail which is highly unlikely.

It’s also easy to attach to a standard bike without any additional or special connecting mechanism.

Why you should buy this item?

  1. Cool storage pockets to store things.
  2. Fun for both kids and parents.
  3. Great for exercise for adults while including the kids.
  4. Holds multiple kids.
  5. Very safe as kids are strapped in.
  6. Built in fail safes on attachment mechanism for additional piece of mind.



Overall this is by far one of the best Bicycle trailers you can get on the market. Its simple and easy to get started with, very portable and a fun accessory for you and the kids to really have some fun with. Who ever said you can’t get fit while having fun at the same time with the kids obviously have never seen this cool device. Trust me its worth at least a second look.


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