Ridiculously cheap stuff on Amazon

cheap stuff on amazon

Affordable items at rock bottom Prices or less

I love a good deal just as much as the next guy but did you know that there are some ridiculously cheap stuff on Amazon that are priced so low that it would be stupid of you not to take advantage of the ridiculously low price and grab one or a bucket load of these items your next time on the retail giants website.

These items are usually handy items that would make a great addition to an existing order or simply great deals on affordable items that cost only a few bucks but offer exceptional value for you the shopper.

Selection of Affordable Items on Amazon

So without any further hesitation these are our top picks of Cheap stuff on Amazon that you can buy I am sure that you will be able to find an item to suit not only your needs but also find it at a draw dropping price as well:

1. World Pride Key to My Heart Cute Couple Keychain

The heart-shaped couples key chain is the perfect little item to show your love for you and your partner by getting matching key chains at a price that’s so low I doubt you would even miss the pocket change for this great and thoughtful gift idea that can create memorable moments that you two will cherish for a lifetime to come.

2. Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock

Its staggering the amount of individuals who hide their spear house key under a rock or some item near to the house, if you are like me and thousands of people from the United states or the United Kingdom I suggest you finally give in and just get an authentic looking dummy rock and hide your key in, its much safer and in the long run is guaranteed to fool others in thinking its a real rock and they will never figure it’s the hiding spot of your spear key.

3. Solar powered LED Flashlight with Key chain

Mini LED Flashlight w/ Keychain
List Price: $2.95
Price: $2.95
You Save: N/A

You would not believe how convenient it is to have a small flashlight that you can use in a pinch to see into a dark area to find something you have lost or to find your way in a dark room, this has come in handy more times than I can count and you never have to think of replacing batteries as its solar-powered. It can simply charge as you leave your keys out and it takes in light. The best part is that it’s so cheap you should get one for yourself and your best friend he will thank you-but please get different colors to prevent confusion.

4.Capacitive Stylus or Touch Screen Cellphone Tablet Pen

This little stylus is so handy I bought one when I first got my tablet and you should not buy a tablet until you add one of these to the order, they were so affordable I just had to get one and guess what they work with all major tablets and smartphones including the iPhone and iPod respectively. You can carry them on your shirt pocket like a pen or simply tuck them into your bag as I do and they are great for precision control of your device.

5. Custom Pet ID Tags

Give your pet a gift of a stylish pet ID tag that fits your cute pets personality, this tag is created here in the United states and can be customized to your liking down to the engraving. Its created from lightweight and durable materials guaranteeing it will last a long time.

6. Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-Bears

Take a break and have a snack with a some Gummi bear candy, as kids we could not get enough of these addictive sweets they were so exciting to play with despite mom telling US never to play with our food.

7. USB Stereo Audio Adapter

An inexpensive little trinket or sound card to add basic stereo output and mic input functionality to windows or Mac. Neat, small,effective and a cheap item that you can buy on Amazon at a very affordable cost.

8. Garmin Portable Friction Mount

Finding a reliable dash mount can be a pain especially for the modern GPS and other essential car dashboard devices, it will attach and stay in place even as the car is in full motion. Save yourself the headache and get a dash mount that I guarantee will not fail you.

9. MicroSD & MicroSDHC to SD Adapter

Convert your Micro SD card to a full SD Card that works with all standard card readers, do not buy another Micro SD card until you have one or more of these handy converters around, I have about five (5) of them in case I ever misplace one.

10.Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

The kids will love it and thank you for the hours of fun that they will have with this cheap bag of Construction bricks, its the perfect toy as they are very versatile, the possibilities are endless when it comes to blocks like these and growing your kids creative ability.

So readers as always remember to subscribe to get our latest updates straight to your inbox and I am sure you found some cheap stuff on Amazon that were able to meet your needs and the prices that you were looking for, after all value does not have to come at steep prices as most of these items are anywhere from a few bucks to less than a dollar.


I created this website to help shoppers find great and reliable products at very low prices that would be suitable for their own use or as a gift. Running a small home business affords me the luxury of purchasing great items online which I get to review and then pass on to my clients. I am always receiving new products so its a joy to review and recommend great items.

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