Replacement Remote Controls: RCA RCR504BR High Quality Durable Remote Control

replacement remote controls

The RCA RCR504BR High Quality Durable Remote Control with 4 Functions is a great universal remote from RCA that universally supports almost every major brands of TV, DVD, Cable, VCR and Cable boxes that you may have. You can program up to four (4) devices into this remote. Plus the RCA remote makes a great series of replacement remote controls that are well-built, trust me I have dropped this thing a few times and it’s still here if that is to be considered a testament of its strength.

Replacement Remote Control

The first thing I like about this remote is that its Palm sized, but be warned it very bulky and not in a bad way as it adds to the protection for when you eventually drop it and trust me you will as most likely you need a replacement remote control because your old remote has died prematurely on you. In my case my old remote old remote was only half dead, but needed replacing any ways.

RCA Remote Control with 4 Functions
List Price: $9.99
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The buttons are also large enough so you should have no problem hitting the buttons that you want and as you can see from the super low price you are getting a real bargain. All major TV brands are covered such as LG in my case and other major brands such as Samsung and much more, in fact even some not so popular brands are covered so this will be very flexible.

Remote Control Codes

See below for the RCA remote control codes sheet:

replacement remote controls

See what’s inside the Box in the Video Unboxing:

Why you should get this Replacement Remote Control over all others?

1. It’s Very durable and can take a beating.

2. Comes with support for programing up to four (4) devices.

3. Very affordable

4. Has big clear buttons and layout is easy to handle.

5. Supports lots of brands and devices.

Reasons why you may not like it:

1. Its big and bulky, but as a consolation this means it will not break easily.


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