Recoil Starter Set

Recoil Starter Set

Recoil is the First Person Shooter (FPS) Come to Life. The Game involves the Recoil Blaster, your smartphone and a bunch of friends. You can then play in the Park, at home or in the backyard and so on. It’s all safe and clean fun that has everyone actively involved. Each match can hold up to a total of sixteen (16) Blasters which guarantees that no friend will be left out.

There is a WiFi Game hub that brings it all together and you can play in a variety of ways with a number of Game modes.With GPS functionality and the ability to communicate you can organize and really your teammates to win match with ease against your other friends.

The App

The App which you can download to any Smartphone comes with all the cool features that unifies the Blasters and brings the game together. You can find re-spawn spots, mission objectives and ammo drops.The App is AR-powered and really makes things fun while bring the game to life. You can also use the App to track live stats to see how the battle is progressing and adjust the strategy accordingly.

You can also track all sixteen players max that’s are playing at a given time which is a really cool ability of the Game and the included app.You can check your team stats or that of the opposing team and much more with the recoil mobile app.The GPS tracking of all players is also a really fun feature that will prove invaluable in your fight.

The starter set:

The starter set contains two (2) blasters, WiFi Gaming hub to get two players started. If you want more powerful weapons such as a rifle or Grenade you will have to get those separately. For more options you can go with the starter set or bonus pack. The blasters included in each set are the RK-45 Spitfire blasters with phone mounts and damage sensors.

Blasters are interactive and produce sound and recoil when fired and its safe as there is nothing dangerous involved. Everything feels real as you feel the device vibrate and react as you use it.

3D Positional Audio

As you play you get 3D positional Audio so you know from which direction the blast came from in a digital sense. This adds to the realism and interactivity of the game which makes this similar to video games except it’s in the real world with everyone actively involved.

Tracking and Scoring

The App brings everthing together but as you play there are sensors built into the blaster and that you can place on your body that actually sense hits and registers them which is very accurate and allows the player to play without worrying about a thing.

Where to Buy

You can get your starter set below along with additional blasters and other accessories.

Recoil Laser Combat - Starter Set
List Price: $98.00
Price: $65.00
You Save: $33.00

What about additional Blasters?

As was mentioned up to Sixteen (16) players can go at it at once from both teams so if you need additional blasters get them here.

who is Recoil blaster for?

This Game is ideal for small kids, teens and even Adults. The whole family can even get in on the action. It’s the type of Game that has everyone actively playing and is great for team building exercise or just plain fun. Play at parties, play in the back yard, park or just about anywhere.

Every one that plays with the Recoil blaster will enjoy coming back to it time and time again as it’s really fun and healthy as you become active and keep fit. Everything works well together and as you become accustomed to playing and understanding your device you will get better and better over time. So definitely pick up a whole set today and don’t forget additional blasters as well.



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