Propel Helicopter

Propel Helicopter

The Propel helicopter is a set of two (2) remote-controlled helicopters that are for kids. These are really fun RC helicopters and they are quite durable. You wont find another set that’s as great as these.  With the Propel Air Combat RC Battling Helicopter the company Propel has designed a great technology that makes these helicopters easy to control and even easier to play with. You can literally pick up a controller and start learning how to fly expertly within a few minutes.This translates to some really fun times for kids.

The pack contains two (2) of these so kids can have their mock battles. Plus the controls are so precise that you can fly a Helicopter and land it with ease almost anywhere. If you are accustomed to buying those one at the store that break easily stop. These are a way better investment and will last much longer. The best part is that you can fly up to 8 of these withing the same space easy and have some real fun.

The remote control

The remote control is designed differently and you will not see another like in on any other RC plane. It was designed by propel and its only for the Propel Helicopter. With the remote you also get the feel you are operating a real helicopter.

The remote is shaped like a joystick as in a Helicopter. You simply press the trigger to start-up the copter and the more you press it the more throttle the Helicopter will get and go higher.As you release the trigger on the gear stick the Helicopter will descend and land.

As you lean the controller in either direction the copter will respond and move accordingly.

Battling them Both

Whats the fun of having all this control if you can’t have some fun. well both helicopters can battle it out with one another. You simply press the fire button to shoot at the other Helicopter. The fun thing is that the beams that are being fired are infrared and you can hear lively feedback from the sounds being produced. If you hit one copter 3 times it will land.The remote of that party that’s shot down will vibrate and they will have to reset their copter to restart.

This is really fun for kids especially little boys . They can have a tone of fun with aerial mock battles.

Use them inside or Outside.

You can use the propel Helicopter either indoor or outside. It has great range and all you have to do not to loose it is keep moving with it. They are ideal for the back yard or park. Simply just be aware of your surroundings and you will e OK.

How long will they last on a Single Charge?

These are chargeable and you will get about 10 to 15 minutes on a single charge. This is a great amount of flight time and will be more or less depending on how aggressively you fly them.

Extra Parts

Don’t worry in case something like one of the propeller blades break you will have extra blades in the package to change these out. You will hardly need them though as breakage is highly unlikely.


This is a really fun toy, heck I would play with it myself. Propel has really designed something spectacular with this Propel Helicopter. Its long last and easy to control plus its interacts very well with other copters of the same type. I mean you can have a cool battle royal with eight of these. This is a great investment that I would highly recommend you get as a Kids toy or gift for just about any occasion. Its literally a steal of a deal and you are getting really good quality for your money.They are great for boys and girls and in case you have a few kids you can pick up a extra one of these as they work well together.

Why should I buy this?

  1. Easy to control and fly.
  2. Very durable compared to other RC Helicopters.
  3. Fun to play with a battle in the sky.
  4. Can play with multiple copters in the same space up to 8.
  5. Very good range for Indoor or outdoor use.



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