Privacy Window Film:BDF 1BKOT Window Film

privacy window film

Looking for the ultimate in Privacy Window Films? Look no further than BDF 1BKOT Window Film Blackout Non Adhesive Static Cling.They come in various sizes to fit just about any job and blocks out all light and does not let any through.

Where can I use this Product?

This Privacy Window Film is excellent for homes in which you do not want anyone peeking inside through a window,glass door or other form of partition. It can also be used in rooms for entertainment purposes where ambient light is affecting the viewing experience of a TV or Projector. Also in a city or town where bright lights affect your ability to sleep in your bedroom.

It goes on Easy

This Window film goes on easy and does not use any adhesive and all you need is water to easy installation that goes on effortlessly and will stay on. when its time to remove it comes off smoothly.

This product is made from high quality materials and promises the best performance. Plus you don’t need an expert for installation as you can make this into a do it yourself project and take charge as you install it by yourself in a weekend or an evening.

Where can I buy this Product?

You can get yours below in any size you like:

Why you should buy this Product?

1.Good price.

2.Works very well at blocking out light and maintaining privacy.

3.Made of quality material and very large.

4.Easy hassle free installation.

You wont be sorry if you get this in order to maximize privacy in a room or to block out light so that you can sleep in the days. It can be your saving grace especially if you have been trying everything else such a curtains that block light and so on. Its as simple as set it and forget it with this product and best of all if you want to later on they can be removed. It goes on easy with water and you have to do is cut it neatly as you place this on and take your time and you are good to go. You could not ask for a simpler product than this.



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