Pie Face Game

You must have heard about the wildly popular Pie Face Game. It’s a very fun kids game that kids can enjoy at any time with their friends or parents, even the whole family can join in on the fun as well. There is even a follow-up to the Hasbro Pie Face Game called Pie Face Showdown that’s just as addictive as the first. You can get both sets and have a blast at home.Both can be found below and at great prices so you can get both of them along with other great Board games.

Hasbro Pie Face

Lets first look at the original Hasbro Pie Face game. The Game setup is simple as in the set you have: 1 pie thrower, 1 throwing arm, 2 handles, chin rest, splash guard mask, spinner and sponge.

Pie Face Game

You will need to put the set together out the box. Setup is simple and straightforward and should take about a minute or two. The game is played by first giving the spinner a good twist and the amount of times it lands on will tell how many times to turn the knob on the Game. You place your face in the chin rest and turn the number of times you spun earlier. the thing though is that you don’t know when the pie will be be sprung and splat you or your opponent gets pie in the face.

This is what makes the game fun, as tension builds it really fun and you can’t bear but to giggle away as you anticipate and hope you don’t get pie in the face. The kids will love it and its a great way to bond, it’s very affordable and you can get both sets.

Why waste time, get some Pie on those faces by getting yours right here, you will be glad that you did trust me.

Pie Face Showdown

The Pie Face showdown is the wildly popular followup that’s even more fun than the original game. This one is more challenging and this time you have more control over who gets Pie in the face. The challenge factor is also upped a bit.So things aren’t so random as with the first.

Pie Face Game

This time there are two chin rests with face cutouts and both players will put their face to the rest at the same time. They will press a button on their side to guide the hand between two sides. The area over which the hand moves while flat is color coded and the faster you can go over your opponent the faster they will get slatted.Either opponent get splatted when the arm progresses totally to their side.

The faces are that of a boy and girl on the face rest. Included too is a sponge and you can wet this and use it to substitute for the pie. You can even use whip cream as the Pie so it’s largely your choice.

My Thoughts

Both games are really fun and are worth their cost in the amount of laughter they can give you and the kids. They are fun enough to come back to time and time gain. They can be used for kids birthdays or for families over the holiday. You can even gift these to kids. This game has already proven itself and the minute you take it up you will see what the fuss is about. You will also make some great memories as well.

Why should I get this Game?

  1. They are both Super Fun.
  2. Great for some good times and laughter.
  3. Very cheap and well made.
  4. Easy to setup and use.



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