Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Review

 Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

This is the ultimate blender that has 1000 watts of power and the brand new auto IQ feature for extracting the maximum amount of nutrients from your fruits and vegetables.The Nutri Ninja Auto IQ does this with auto settings which makes blending anything ultra easy and convenient as it runs through the cycles so you don’t have to which insure maximum performance on anything that you blend.

This review will be referring to the BL482, BL481 and BL450 respectively that share varying similarities but are basically the same unit were it counts the most.

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Whats Inside the Box?

I am always curious when I get a new gadget especially a kitchen one as to what is it that comes inside the package so as to weigh the value. Inside the box the Nutri Ninja comes with:

1. A Small 18 Oz Cup

2. Multi-serve 32 Oz Cup.

3.Regular 24 OZ Cup

4. Cookbook, recipes and assembly guide, 3 day jump-start plan

5. The  Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

6. One Pro extractor blade

The Nutri Ninja has an easy tuck away cord for convenient storage and suction cups on the base to keep the blender stable as it vibrates.Overall the blender has a very small footprint and takes up little space saving you precious couter space.The pro extractor blade is used among all three (3) cups and you get only one which is good enough.

Need something a bit larger? Check out this huge Nutri Ninja that has Auto IQ built-in and ready for you.

The Multi Serve Cups

I really like the three (3) cups that come with the Nutri Ninja they are made of durable and crystal clear plastic and for convenience the units of measurement are written across the side so you can measure the exact amount of liquid that you are putting into the Multi serve cup whether it be the 18,24, or the large 32 OZ cup.

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

The cups also come with a convenient sip and seal lid as seen above so you can easily enjoy what you have blended right from the Multi serve cups.Readers note all pictures are clickable so if you see something that catches your eye click on the picture to be taken to the item.

What makes this different from the previous Model?

This Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is better than the previous model as its 1000 watts and the previous model was only 900 watts. This means that this unit is way more powerful and can blend your food items with greater ease and without leaving behind any blended bits.

What sets this Blender apart from the other on the Market?

What sets this blender apart is that its one touch when using the Auto IQ feature and take away the hassle of figuring out which blend setting to use.You can also manually blend as you like as with traditional blenders.

The best feature is that it can extract 100% of the quality from fruits and vegetables blending everything to one smooth liquid smoothie that you can drink without leaving back a thick pup like some blenders or pulp that’s normally thrown away.Trust me you will love it and never look at a blender the same way again.

The Pro Extractor Blade

The blade inside the Nutri Ninja is the Pro extractor blade and  is the same design as was used with the previous design and surprisingly enough the cups even fit the older model and you could even reuse your older cups if you have the previous model which is really nice if you end up with two of these in the house.

The blade is good enough to cut through almost anything that you may throw at it such as fruits and vegetables.This is even if they are frozen solid it will not be an issue for the blade. It can even handle nuts and other tough grains that you may want to blend.

Buttons and Touch Display

 Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

The buttons on the main control panel of the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is as follows:


Pulse Button

Blend (Auto IQ)

Ultra Blend (Auto IQ)

Within the center of it all is the LED timer . There are two manual settings for your own personalized needs  and another 2 IQ or auto settings that makes thing really easy and convenient for drink and meal preparation. You can use the blender as you wish and its very easy to operate as you will see below.

How to Operate the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ?

The first thing you will want to do is select the appropriate size cup and attach the extractor blade and fill the cup with the fruits or veggies that you want to blend and place the lid on securely. Next plug the blender in and place the Multi serve cup in place on top of the Nutri Ninja aligning them which should slide into place.

After it slides into place be sure to turn clockwise until you hear it click into place. The LED light will come on and display a “0”  indicating it set into place correctly and you are ready to blend. Next you want to pick the blending cycle you want to use from the button options on the front-See super easy.

Once you choose one of the blending options on the front such as Blend,Pulse, Ultra Pulse or so on it will start the blending process and run for a few seconds and then stop and start again varying the cycles for the best results as the timer count down from 60 in the center of the control panel.

The reason it start and stops throughout the blend is to allow the larger solid particles to settle at the bottom of the cup so that the extractor blade can crush everything to an even consistency without missing any large particles that might escape a normal blender.

To remove the Cup twist counterclockwise and pull straight up and it will separate easily.

How well does it work?

I was really impressed by the performance of the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ as the Fruits and veggies that it was tested on were completely obliterated and that’s a good thing. The items that I blended were completely turned to liquid with a smooth and even consistency and there were no clumps or chunks of fruits or other materials left over,they all simply melted into one.

Simply put everything was mashed and melded into one unlike I have never seen before from any other blenders. This can be achieved using regular blend button and if you really wanted to go at it or you have something really tough to blend then you can always use Ultra blend to really have a go at it.I know guys will like ultra blend as its the fastest setting (Wink).

The drink also went down smoothly and no residue or pulp was left over, you can simply drink it all getting all the fiber and nutrients from your food.

Who is this product for?

This blender is ideal for those looking to go on a juice fast to extract maximum benefit from their fruits and vegetables. For the individual that believes in a healthy life style or a family or single person who want to be healthier and shed a few pounds. It can also work as a normal blender or take the place of one but be prepared for greater performance.

You can give this as a gift to a person who is into fitness and wellness as they will appreciate the gesture.

Does it live up to the Hype or Disappoint?

Very few products can hit that sweet spot and deliver consistently on a promise and I can confidently tell you that this is one such products, plus you don’t have to take my word for it look below and see what other real world customers are saying about this product after they made the investment:

What other are saying about this Blender?

Here is what others are saying about the Nurtri Ninja:

1.J. Shorts:

“I have had this blender now for a month and have used it daily. I do like this thing….”

“I love this! It blends, pauses for the thicker bits to sink to the bottom, then starts blending again….”

3. Valerie

“I love this blender. It works as advertised. It takes up little space….”

Read more here.

What are the Faults of the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ?

No device is without fault although many are a matter of personal opinion here are the things to keep in mind as you weigh your decisions as you make up your mind:

1. While the Nurtri Ninja is effective it is really loud and will wake up the whole house if given the chance so you will have to bear that in mind as you use it especially if you are planing to use it in the early morning or at night.

Is Ninja Auto IQ Worth it?

A big question that’s often asked by many goes like this: is Ninja Auto IQ worth it and the answer is without a doubt yes.You can see the price below and In my opinion this product is a great value for your money and there are a variety of models for you to choose from guaranteeing that you will find one that balances the right mix of affordability and value that matches your budget.Personally I would not go with a normal blender knowing what i know about this unit that I highly recommend it.

Its worth the money you pay for it in every possible way and will not disappoint.

What are my Final thoughts?

It’s really easy to use and operate the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ as the options are simple and straight forward. All you have to do is select your blend button and watch the blender so its thing. Its one of the products that you tend to come back to-day after day or love it so much that you want to find new things to throw at it so you can see how it blends ultimately.This makes it ideal for the casual user or someone who has taken up juicing or is considering to go on a juice fast or the family or individual who want to live a healthier life style.

Why you should buy this?

The clear reasons to get the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ is:

  • It’s really effective at liquidizing anything you throw at it to an even consistency without lumps.
  • It has a varying speed intelligent feature that ensures no particle small or large is missed.
  • Comes with cool extras such as Recipes and cookbook.
  • Easy to operate right out of the box.
  • Works with accessories from the older model.
  • Extract 100% value from Food.


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