Nerf Dart Tag

Its time to hit the outdoors and play an exciting game of Nerf dart tag with your friends and best of all learning this new game is fast and simple once you have the right equipment and friends to get you off to some real fun times. Plus not only will you be having fut but also keeping fit and active as you build strong bonds and learn to work together as a team.

What is Nerf dart tag?

Nerf dart tag is a fun sport that mixes in a fun game of tag with a Nerf dart tag blaster and  friends with every body taking turns defending or trying to capture the flag to win. To win at this game each team needs to use strategies and be fast and agile in order to win over their rivals.

Nerf Dart Tag

How do you play Nerf dart tag?

The goal is to get the most points to win and they do this by sneaking into the enemy lines and capturing their flag. The first team to get to 3 points wins the match. So to start each team sets up a home base with their flag and one team tries to get the others flag and if they do so and  successfully return it to their base they win a point.

If you get tag with a Nerf dart tag blaster you are out of the game for 10 seconds, in these cases the vest or jersey allows the darts to stick to you while the vision gear protects your eyes for safety. The idea is to try not to get tagged and should you be holding the flag when you get hit you will have to drop it which will leave it vulnerable to get taken by the other team. Any team that gets to the flag first can return it to their home base to score a point. After this the game resets and starts again with the best of 3 rounds taking the victory.

You can even create your own variations to suit you and your friends style of play that’s different from the standard game presented above which is what makes this game so fun and exciting.

Whats required to play?

  1. At least 2 teams with 2 players per team.
  2. A set of Nerf dart tag blasters and Nerf darts for your blasters
  3. Protective eye wear or dart tag vision gear goggles.
  4. Dart tag Vest or jersey.

Who is this for?

This is perfect set for children as young as 8 years and older, teens, and even adults or family to have fun with.

Where to get the best Dart Tag blasters and gear?

If you are seeking great Dart Tag gear to get started in playing then check out the best selections below that are all you need to get started as the set includes everything for you and friends just remember to get enough for every member of the team:

1. Strikefire 2-Player Duel System

Nerf Dart Tag

This great system can launch darts an impressive 30 feet to hit your target and hold a total of 6 darts total and when you pick this set up remember to pick up a set of extra darts. With this set the darts will stick to the vest so your opponents know that they have been hit without a doubt.

2.Ultimate 2-Player Dart Duel Set

Nerf Dart Tag

You just have to love this set that comes with training jerseys and you don’t have to worry as safety comes first as this set has protective goggles to protect your eyes as you have fun in a fun and addictive game of Nerf tag.

3. 2-Player Starter Pack

Nerf Dart Tag

If you are just getting in on the fun and do not know where exactly to start this set may be the one for you, with this set you can challenge a friend to the ultimate battle or get another set and allow a few more friends to join in on the fun. This set includes everything you need to get started including two jerseys.

4. Nerf Dart tag Swarmfire

Nerf Dart Tag

If you intend to win sometimes you will need to upgrade your fire power to dominate your foes, this blaster has a rotating barrel for fire in rapid succession, this thing shoots a 20 dart swarm from its front loaded position, they will not know what hit them with this blaster as part of your teams arsenal.  Also remember to pick up some batteries to power this monster of a blaster.

5. Speedswarm

Nerf Dart Tag

This is a fully automatic unit and holds 10 darts and is a step up from the standard unit and requires 6 double A batteries (AA) to power it. The front loaded position of the darts allows for easy and speedy loading which means you will not miss a thing while you reload in record time.

6. Official Competition Jersey

Nerf Dart Tag

These are better vests than the standard set or in case you need to create your own custom team wear, these are the official competition jerseys so you know you will not be going wrong with these.

7. Nerf Mega Dart Tag Refill 36pk

Nerf Dart Tag

Never run out of Nerf darts when it counts the most, the last thing you want is to run out of darts while going for the win you want as many shots as possible at the victory and this pack will give you more than enough chances to do that.


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