Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

The Minion Dave Talking Action Figure is by far one of my favorite kids toys from Despicable Me 2 which stands a very nice 9 inches tall. With a simple switch to its sides you can activate Dave’s well-known voice to let him speak in the Minions special style of speaking. He can even sing and squint is eyes while the hands and mouth move like he is actually singing or talking.

These features are the things kids and adults love especially if they like the movie Minions or Despicable me they are sure to love this. It’s also the perfect gift to get them for a special occasion such as a birthday or better yet for this Christmas as this will definitely be a must have for the Christmas holiday this year.

Playing with Dave

Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

To activate the sounds and dancing effect all you need to do is press around the mouth area to where Dave’s chin would be and Dave will spring to life.The favorite sound effect is Dave’s laugh is enough to have anyone laughing along too hysterically. If you love or collect despicable me toys this is by far one of the best ones that every child or adult fan should have in their collection.

Another thing that I like is that the Minion Dave Talking Action Figure does not repeat the same words or giggles as there is some variety that’s triggered at random as he does his thing. To be more accurate he says over 30 different things in is special and adorable minion way in the original voice as heard in the films which is unmistakable and distinct with the audio coming from the toy.

Other cool features include the ability to talk back to you as you speak to him with the ability to tell the pitch of your voice in case you raise it. To actually activate the singing mode simply press is chin twice and see him break out in song. Kids also tend to know exactly how to play and activate theses sound effects.

What does this toy look like?

As can seen from the pictures Dave is wearing is usual minion goggles with is banana yellow skin and black gloves and shoes. He is also covered in the standard minions Jeans jump suit  for an unmistakable minion look.

The skin is also nice and flexible as its made from rubber that’s pliable and nice to the touch.

Who is this toy for?

This toy is suited for young kids around Ages 2 and upwards and also for Adult collectors of Minion toys. This thing is guaranteed to be an attraction where ever it goes for Kids as well as Adults who get a hold of it. It always brings a smile to my face on hearing this even though I don’t speak a word of minion but you just seem to know what each word mean as it brings an automatic smile to the face. You can also get this for adults who love the Minions, I guarantee just like a child this will brighten their day and make them smile none-stop.

Why should I get this?

  1. It talks up to 30 Minion phrases.
  2. Well made from high quality materials and is very accurate.
  3. Comes with battery out the box.
  4. The Kids are guaranteed to love it along with the entire family as its worth every penny.
  5. Also a great collectors item for Adults.


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