Minecraft Steve head and Creeper

minecraft steve head

Steve and Creeper

The Minecraft Steve and creeper cumbo comes with a set of two 12 inch boxes that comes with a Minecraft creeper head and a Minecraft Steve head in the same pack. The boxes themselves comes with enough head space to fit your head and cut outs so that you can see clearly while you have this on. This would make for a great gift for a fan of Minecraft, kids who love the game or as a part of a Minecraft themed costume setup or even collectables, ultimately you decide.

The Price

This two box set is a bit on the expensive side but what makes it worth the cost is that you will be getting two well constructed sets that made with high quality material that wont fade or tear easily. These could easily survive several kids play sessions without breaking or tearing apart which says allot about build quality.

How do they look?

These Minecraft Creeper and Steve Head set will provide the you with an authentic looking model of the characters from the games.Its to be noted that these things are made of 100% cardboard. The instructions on putting the set together is on the back and will take about a minute or so to put together out of the packaging. It’s mainly folding the piece together to form the box heads and all you have to remove is the plastic rapping that surrounds the flat pieces.

The official recommendation says that it’s for ages 3 and up and one thing you will find is that playing with these things are addictive for kids or adults which most may not understand but its a part of the lure that is Minecraft. Also head size should not be an issue as these fit a variety of head sizes easily.



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