Best Minecraft Mini Figures

minecraft mini figures

Who doesn’t like to collect cool things and with the popularity of Minecraft one of the coolest things to start collecting right now is Minecraft Mini figures for the serious Minecraft fans that are out there. The figures include everything that you could possibly think of from the world of Minecraft in a cool block style that’s unique to the series, you name it and it can be found in these figures. You can get them as sets of figures or you can go the mystery box method and for another cool sense of mystery when buying these.

Who are these for?

These Mini figures are great collectibles for any Minecraft fan from ages 6 years and up to even adults to collect. They are a variety of sets that are well made and really fun for a true Minecraft fan who just can’t get enough of Game.

Minecraft Collectible Figure Mystery Blind Box

Each Minecraft mini figures if you go the route of a mystery blind box will come in a very nice mystery box as seen below and which looks very cool and you will have no clue what you get until the box is opened and the figures unpacked. Inside the box itself you will have the mystery figure encased in a mystery bag so no peeking through the box to try to figure out ahead of time what you got.

minecraft mini figures

Once the bag is opened the Mystery Minecraft mini figure will be revealed which may be any one of 12 characters and a variety of other cool stuff from the world of Minecraft which ads up to more than about 32 different unique figures in total. The figures are roughly 1-2 inch tall and are created to exact details and are of a very high quality and are really great to collect.

Minecraft Mini figures

If you want to forgo the above route of mystery you can actually get the figures as part of a set or individually wrapped pieces and go for various cool sets in which you know exactly what you will be getting.You can collect your favorite characters from the Game world of Minecraft  as all the characters seen have made an appearance in the game at some time or another such as:

1.Minecraft Collectible Figures Set I (3-Pack), Series 3

minecraft mini figures

A great pack that comes with three (3) characters that are seen in the Minecraft series. These minecraft mini figures are ideal for starting off your collection or giving as a gift to a kid or even adult that adores the Game.

2. Minecraft Collectible Figures Set L (3-Pack), Series 3

minecraft mini figures

Another great set that includes the character Steve in diamond armor with sword, Ghast and even Endermite. This is a great set and one of my favorites, it’s also a great point to start if you are in doubt as what to get.

3. Minecraft Mini Figure 3-Pack, Farming Steve, Spawning Spider & Slime Cubes

minecraft mini figures

This is another great set with everyone’s favorite Minecraft character Steve and spawning spider and the slime cubes. I really like the farming Steve shown here.

4. Minecraft Mini Figure 3-Pack, Elder Guardian, Sneaky Creeper & Rabbit

minecraft mini figures

The next set we have here includes Creeper, Elder Guardian and Rabbit , kids will love them and they are super durable which is ideal for play, just imagine the fun the kids could have with a set of these as they play.

5. Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

minecraft mini figures

When your collection is getting too big you can get a Mini figure carrying case to store it all in and display your collection to the world, the case comes with convenient compartments that can store the various Minecraft characters and they are easily accessible at the end of the day. Here your friends can see the grand collection and they will be safe in this great case for storage after you have finished playing with them or just to keep as collectibles that you don’t want anyone touching.


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