Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

The Minecraft creeper hoodie is the ultimate Minecraft clothing for kids,teens or adults that is designed like the Creeper from Minecraft no pun intended. The hoodie itself is constructed from mainly cotton and the rest from polyester and its officially licensed so you know you are getting a top quality product. The material is not overly thick but good enough to keep you warm even on a cold day, especially for kids who cant get enough of these types of clothing. The patterns and colors are very bright and its well made although its a bit on the pricey side you do get great quality for what you actually pay for.

Pull the Zipper Hoodie all the way to look like Creeper!

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

It also has a Minecraft zipper that easy to handle and can either zip partially up like a normal hoodie to your neck line or you can cover your head with the Hoodie and draw the zipper all the way up so that it covers the head and forms a mask with a true creeper look, in this mode there are cutouts for the eyes and mouth made of mesh so that you can see and breath easily which is really unique.

The cool part about this feature on the Hoodie is that its great for playing with friends or the Minecraft creeper hoodie can double as a cool costume which makes it really flexible. I also love the green checkered pattern which adds a nice effect and is reminiscent of Minecraft.

Why you should get this?

1. Has a cool zip up feature that allows you to look like a creeper.

2. Well designed and gives has an authentic look and feel.

3. Really keeps you warm.

4. Makes for a great gift for kids, teens or even adults who are Minecraft fans.


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