Best Metal Gear Solid Clothing Available

Being a big Metal gear solid fan the only thing cooler than the Video Game is the Metal Gear Solid Clothing which are some very cool pieces that any fan of the Game can identify with. So check out some of these top of the line clothing pieces to show your love of Metal Gear Solid and look like a total bad ass when you go out.

Metal Gear Solid Clothing

Check out these top of the line selections that are sure to satisfy even the most devote fan:

1. Obey Big Boss Metal Gear Solid

metal gear solid clothing

There can be only one Big Boss the one who started it all, I am sure you will just love this nice Men’s T-Shirt with the Iconic Big Boss on the front to capture attention like a Boss.

2.Metal Gear Solid Fox Hound Men T-shirt

metal gear solid clothing

A great high qualityMetal Gear Solid Fox Hound Men T-shirt for a true fan made from 100% cotton with the Fox hound logo on the front.

3. Oem Men’s Mgs Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dog T-Shirt

metal gear solid clothing

If you have played the latest Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain then you are going to love this  Metal Gear Solid V Diamond Dog T-Shirt.

4.Refugeek Tees – Mens Snaaaaaake T Shirt

metal gear solid clothing

I find this Refugeek Tees – Mens Snaaaaaake T Shirt very funny and you too will be able to identify if you have played the game  its something you will identify with, we all have heard these lines over and over so you can understand why this T-shirt just says so much without saying much.

5. Metal Gear Solid III:Snack Easter Joke 100% Cotton Tshirt For Mens

metal gear solid clothing

Another favorite  piece of Metal Gear Clothing that’s simple and works very well and a must have for a fan or  something you can get for someone who loves Metal Gear. This one comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from and is ideal as you can get it in your favorite colors so be sure to choose more than one.

6.Musterbrand Men’s Metal Gear Solid – Mercenary

metal gear solid clothing

For those who are serious about Metal gear and want the best clothing choices then check out the  musterbrand Men’s Metal Gear Solid – Mercenary, this thing is well made and will keep you warm and looking solid.

7. Musterbrand Men’s Metal Gear Solid – Scout Jacket

metal gear solid clothing

I though I would leave this cool Scout Jacket for last that comes with the Fox hound patch on it. A super cool jacket thats out of this world and a nice item to own that’s also very functional.




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