The best Mario Plushies

Mario Plushies

We all love Mario as he is one of the most iconic characters ever to be conceived and there is so much appeal surrounding him especially in the form of Mario plushies which can be super cute and down right adorable. Right now we would like to look at some cool super Mario plushies which will make your heart melt and bring back cool memories and experiences of playing Super Mario.

These plushies are all taken from the Mario series and are instantly recognizable and this list will also include other Mario stuffed animals as well which are very popular, you can check them all out below and choose your favorite as you can purchase anyone of them that you like and would like to collect or give as a gift to a Mario Fan.

Mario Plushies

So let’s get right into our Mario plushies list right now with the best ones that can be found anywhere:

1. Nintendo Flying Squirrel Luigi 9″ Plush

Mario Plushies

The brother of Mario has never looked cooler than in Plushie form as he has the flying squirrel suit on, this figure is 9 inches and Luigi is in his classic green outfit. This plushie is created by Little Buddy Toys and is a great collectible along with the others from the set and is ideal for kids from 7 years and up wards or for the serious Mario Fan.

2. Nintendo Flying Squirrel Mario 9″ Plush

Mario Plushies

Mario is the star of the show of the Mario plush toys and is dress in is classic red suit with Squirrel suit on, these Plush toys are made from a very soft material and feel great to the touch. Mario is also one of the most beloved among the set and is a great starting point for your collection. The Mario plush is also well made and looks just as pictured  above and is well put together.

3. Sanei Super Mario Series Sitting Pose Captain Toad Plush Toy

Mario Plushies

This captain Toad is very soft and cute and works for either boys or girls as a fun toy. The figure is 6.5 inches tall and looks really nice from the makers Sanei.

4. Super Mario Plush King Bowser Koopa Nintendo Newest Stuffed Animal

Mario Plushies

You can’t have Mario plushies without Mario’s rival Bowser, I really like the overall design of this one as they have captured everything about Bowser in Plushie form which makes this a really cool one to own.

5.Official Super Mario Daisy 8″ Plush

Mario Plushies

Where would Mario be if he did not have a beautiful princess to save every now and again. Princess Daisy is a great 8 inch plus that can be a part of the Mario Plushies collection that you can start right now and is ideal for a little Girl that you might know that adores princesses and has a thing for Mario.

6. Official Super Mario Plush 8″ Princess Peach

Mario Plushies

Princess peach is the other damsel in distress that’s often saved by Mario and his brother and just as cool we have the Plushie version right here  that 8 inches tall with yellow golden hair and her usual outfit, lets hope Bowser does not decide to capture ether princess .

7. Official Super Mario Plush 8″ Lakitu/Jyugemu

Mario Plushies

Finally to finish off our best Mario plushies we have Lakitu or Jyugemu which is another of the cool ones to get for your collection and this one with the others above have been officially licensed by Nintendo so you know they are of great quality and are reliable. The character here sits atop a could with a spiked turtle beneath him as in Mario Go kart.


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