Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

One of the best memories I had as a kid was seeing my first Bouncer and the fun that we had on it, meet the Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer which is a whole lot of fun packed into a great inflatable package that small kids will just love and it also comes with a slide to add another dimension of fun to the mix. The kids can bounce or even do flips with their friends as they enjoy themselves.

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

What I really like about the Little tikes Bouncer is that is has a very large bouncing area that can easily fit four (4) or more kids easily as long as the combined weight does not exceed 250 lbs and the slide can simultaneously hold two (2) kids sliding at the same time which is great as every kid can have their turn. They are also enclosed with a mesh wall which keeps kids well protected in the confines of the Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer and you can monitor them with easy from any angle due to the design of the walls.

Best of all kids are able to bounce to their heart’s content and remain active and health which means a happier you and a healthier child. These bouncers come highly rated and are worth every penny you pay for it.

Easy setup

All you have to do is get the Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer out of its case peg it in place so it does not move and inflate the bouncer with air and add the kids for some really cool times. What I really like about this Bouncer for kids is how easy it can be deployed without much hassle for the parents if only everything thing else could be this easy.

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

You will have two sizes to choose from in these bouncers of: Junior for the smaller kids with mesh sides to protect smaller kids and Regular which is the standard unit.

Very Portable

The carrying case that comes with this unit is also very flexible for easy storage and transport to where ever its needed whether that’s in the back yard, friends house for a birthday party or play date or even the park this set is ready to go at a moments notice.


This thing is super durable as the stitch work is well done with double stitches and durable material that wont rip easily especially when snagged on stuff. The blower that’s included supplies a constant stream of air and is very reliable so you don’t have to worry if it will prematurely die on you. The blower is also not very loud and once the kids start playing they can easily drown out the sound easily and you can use this either indoor or outdoor the choice is yours although its often used outdoors. You can even get creative on colder month when kids get stir crazy from being in the house and setup this in the basement or Garage or other similar space and let the kids have fun any time of the year.

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

Convenient Storage Area

There are convenient side pockets for kids to store their shoes and other items that they may have on hand and may want to secure so that they don’t get lost.

What Age Groups is this for?

This Little Tikes bouncer is ideal for kids that are 2 years and older and is a great gift item that they are guaranteed to love as it will last them throughout their childhood and they will not stop using it or forget it any time soon.

Why you need to buy this?

  1. Its one of the best Bouncers on the market.
  2. Very reliable and durable.
  3. Can hold a few kids and comes with a nice slide.
  4. Very fun gift for kids to play and bounce on.


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