Light Up Basketball

Light Up Basketball

The Light Up Basketball is the coolest Basketball that you have ever seen. The reason been it can glow in the dark which makes for some awesome LED light effects in low light conditions.  Gear up with some other LED’s and you can play basketball in the dark with your friends, it’s a really cool concept that can be loads of fun for just about anyone.Kids will especially love this ball, just imagine the smile on their face when they see this for the first time. They will be more than satisfied with this as a gift.

How does it Work?

The basketball contains two High Bright LED’s that produces enough light from within the ball that makes it glow or light up. This is very evident especially at night or in a dark room. Other brands use one LED this one uses two for greater effect.Trust me when I say these are really bright and vibrant looking.

The Lights are lights are impact activated. Its battery-powered and the batteries are replaceable. You do get a starter set of batteries with this unit out the box.Its comes deflated and you will have to pump it up before everything starts working. It will light up as you play with it and to conserve battery when its left for a very long time the lights will go out.They can even get wet or play in water with them and it will still function just fine. When its time to replace the battery inside the ball you get a simple tool that makes replacing the batteries easy for you.

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What size ball is it?

This is an official size ball with the official weight. It’s a No. 7 official size and weight that is made from Nylon Wound.It’s a standard adult size basketball.

Who is this for?

This will work fine for adults or even small kids as small as 7 years old.Basically just like a regular basketball that kids play with on the regular.

My thoughts on this product?

The Light Up Basketball is a great product for all ages. It’s an ideal gift for Birthdays or even better yet for the Christmas holiday. Its a really attractive ball and tends to attract a lot of attention as most people have never seen a basketball like this before and can be a great conversation starter or way to make new friends. With a few glow in the dark bands and some modification to your hoop you can have some crazy fun playing basketball in the dark which is not something you see everyday.

Why you should buy this?

1. Produces very bright light with its two (2) bright LED’s.

2. Unique looking ball that’s attractive and attracts attention.

3. Water resistant.

4.Great energy saving features when not being used.

5.Great gift for kids and playing when its dark.


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