LEGO Creator Expert Carousel 10257 Building Kit

LEGO Creator Expert Carousel

Check out the LEGO Creator Expert Carousel 10257 building kit is an awesome set that contains  2670 Pieces that’s one of the best Lego sets that you get. The set contains seven (7) figures such as small boy,dad,mom,Girl,Grandmother,Grandfather, ride operator and Granddaughter.

Its Interactive and Works!

Turn the crank and see the figures move with the tiger,frog,Flamingo and Elephant.The set measures 12 inch high and 14 inches wide which is a pretty nice size offering plenty of room for kids to play.

The set contains camera, ice cream, candy and a hot dog in a bun accessories that can be used to play with the other elements.

Be prepared:

This LEGO Creator Carousel set is marked as an expert set and you should know this before getting this set as it’s not easily assembled. But if you love Legos sets and up for the challenge then you will be right at home. The challenge aside this is a very nice set that will give hours of fun putting it together. It’s also great as a gift or a collector’s item with bonus fun of the assembly challenge.

While this is for experienced individuals ages sixteen and above you can still put this set together with your kids as a project which should be great for the bonding and building memories. You will come back to this set daily as you work on putting it together. It’s also the best set of its kind out there.

Who is this for?

Due to the challenge of this set its recommended for ages Sixteen and above (16+). So if you think you are someone else is up to the challenge then go ahead and get yours.

Where to buy?

You can purchase this set below

Why buy this set?

1.Its a very large set with 2670 Pieces.

2.Its functional and moves.

3.Has lots of extra accessories.

4.Great as a gift.

5.Very flexible toy with lots of potential fun.




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