Legacy Toys Laser Tag Blaster and Nano Bug Target Set

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Blaster and Nano Bug Target Set

It’s the perfect gift from Legacy Toys, what is it? well it’s a Laser Tag Blaster and Nano bug Target set. I really love this toy and it has a special place in my heart. Kids can’t get enough as they get not only a very popular and super cool Laser tag Gun but they also get an interactive Nano bug that works along with the Laser tag.This makes Laser tag now perfect for not only group play but for solo play as well which is is a welcomed addition to laser tag.

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Whats Inside the Package?

Inside this exact package you will get One (1) Laser Tag blaster and one (1)robot spider. Do remember to pick up some batteries, preferably rechargeable as this set does not come with a set of batteries out the pack.

Legacy Toys Laser Tag Blaster and Nano Bug Target Set

Why Get this Toy?

Unlike regular Laser tag blasters with this set kids can play with it on their own. So they can have fun around the yard or the house and create fun games with their Nano Bug. They will not be able to put this toy down.This toy is also perfect for boys although there is no limitation on who can play with it.I recommend it as a holiday, birthday or gift for a special occasion for a kid.

How does it work?

You simply take the Laser tag blaster and aim at the Nano Bug that’s a moving target. The Nano bug is like a real bug and will crawl on the floor best of all when you aim and hit it with the Laser tag blaster it will flip which make it almost seem as if its alive.

It can even recover after a while and flip back and continue on. This is great as you don’t have to keep flipping it back over to continue having fun. Kids will love it and will not want to put this toy down.The Laser Tag shoots invisible infrared beams that are safe and the blaster can light up and make interactive sounds to add to the effect.

If you have more than one child or additional friends then be sure to pick up more than one of this Laser tag set with the Nano Bug or get a few more Laser tags as these toys work best with other Laser Tag blasters.Get additional sets here.

There is More!

These Laser Tag Guns are perfect as they can be used together with other Laser Tag Sets of this type and kids can play either with Laser Tag to Laser tag as the Blasters detect each other and can register when it hits another blaster. There are various Game modes built into the blasters as well.

You can even get a few of this exact set so you can have additional Nano Bugs and blasters to play with. The toy is so flexible that a set of kids can play games with the Bugs or with each other with the Laser tags. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Why should you Buy this?

1. It’s a fun toy for Kids.

2. It’s really affordable and worth the price.

3. It pairs well with the accessory and can chain up with additional sets.

4. The Nano spider allows for solo play, getting additional sets makes for group play.

If you are looking for even more great Laser Tag sets then check out the link and learn more.


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