Laser Tag Vests

laser tag vests

Today we will be looking at one of the best laser tag vests that you can buy that will work with your Wowwee Light strike Laser tag gun and that’s the Wowwee Light Strike Target Vest.

How it work and getting started?

It works by first turning on your vest and then your Wowwee Light Strike Assault Striker , next select a team color on the Laser tag gun team choice button then next to pair the blaster to the vest simply press the shield button, team choice button and pull the trigger all at the same time while pointing it at the vest to finish the pairing. When done correctly the chest piece of the vest will light up reflecting the team color of the Laser tag gun from Wowwee that you used to do the pairing.

Once synchronized to the laser tag vests the damage counter will no longer be on the laser tag gun but on the Laser tag vest from now on. Also only a blaster from a opposing team can cause the vest life counter to deplete, players of the same team cannot shoot or harm each other which is mighty convenient for team matches.

Also when a player gets hit the LEDs go out one at a time until they are all off and to respawn you will have to hit the round LED in the middle to return to a Game.

What Laser tag Guns does this work with?

This unit works with both the small striker and the larger Assault striker from Wowwee respectively so you can get either.

Why get a Laser tag vest?

The Laser tag vest adds lots of versatility to a game which makes it really fun as you have that more flexibility as you play  versus having the sensor inside the Laser tag gun which works just as fine. But if you prefer a vest while you play this is the set to get along with one of the Wowwee Laser tag blasters. You can even add these as part of your game play rules such as giving teammates the ability to revive fellow teammates or come up with other creative ways to use this cool accessory in game play.

Wowwee Light Strike Target Vest
List Price: $24.99
Price: N/A
You Save: N/A

Should you get this?

If you like vests as part of your Laser tag setup then by all means get this one as this is one of the very few units that actually use a vest remaining still.

Why you may skip this?

you may skip on this as all modern laser tags have a built-in sensor that performs the function of the vest quite efficiently which makes the vest only a personal choice that’s not absolutely necessary.

Also do check out these other regular top of the line Laser tag guns that you may like.


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