La Crosse Technology Color Forecast Station

La Crosse Technology Color Forecast Station

The La Crosse Technology Color Forecast Station is the ideal home weather station that not only looks really great and futuristic but also is very functional.It features indoor and outdoor humidity, features a clock, calendar, warning for extreme temperatures for hot and cold periods along with other features. It can also forecast the weather for the next 12 hours so you can tell how the rest of the day will progress for the most part.

Whats in the Box?

Inside the box you will find:

The La Crosse Technology Color Forecast Station

A adapter.

Outdoor Wireless thermometer.

The Wireless thermometer can be place a distance of about 300 feet but be warned this will be affected by environmental factors which can affect the range such as walls in the way and so on to the sensor on the outside.

La Crosse Technology Color Forecast Station

The display

The Color Forecast station has 3 brightness setting so that it can fit any room in the house. So you can set it to max in a well lit room so that its always visible or place it on dimmer settings so it does not affect you while you are in a bedroom where you need to sleep.

As for time this La Crosse Technology Color Forecast Station keeps time very well as you can simply set it and forget it for the most part.

At the top of the display you will see the current outdoor temperature as sensed by the Wireless thermometer probe that comes with this unit.Next to that on the right you will find Humidity .

Beneath that the Blue numbers will display indoor temperature and humidity beside it on the right. And just beside that you have the clock in green along with the day and date. On the other side you will have alerts that warn of high or low temperatures that you can set manually so as to warn you in case you need to keep track of extreme temps outside.

You can also have it act as a handy alarm clock so that you can get up early. On the left also is the 12 hour forecast that pretty accurate for telling the general weather of the day.

The forecast feature

The forecast feature will predict the weather for about 12 hours which is nice as it makes things really convenient especially when planning for your day of activity.


This unit has a adapter and you can keep it plugged in while it displays weather information, you can also plug it out and the batteries on the inside will allow it to function without being plugged in. However the display will go dark to preserve power and once you press a button it will light up.

You can also charge USB device from the back of this unit which is a nice feature that was included, this only works when the unit is plugged in with the adapter however. To function this uses 3 triple AAA batteries to power it.

If you are seeking a cool weather station for the house that has cool features and will draw attention then this is the unit for you as it has everything you could ever want at a great price for the features it includes.

Why you should buy this?

  1. Beautiful colorful display.
  2. Easy to read especially at night.
  3. Great forecast feature.
  4. Cool features such as: Humidity, clock, Alarm,Indoor and outdoor temperature.


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