Kylo Ren Voice Changing Mask

Kylo Ren Voice Changing Mask

The Kylo Ren Voice Changing Mask is super cool and looks indistinguishable from the real thing from the Star Wars Movie as it very authentic looking and true to the show. The Mask itself also comes with a cool hood that works with the mask and the eye section has a cool shaded lens unlike the mesh like structure on some versions of this mask which is great for totally concealing your face and eyes which adds to the allure.

The Box

On the box you have the Star Wars Logo and the name of the product which is the: Kylo Ren Voice Changing Mask. I really like the picture which shows Kylo Ren with is signature Lightsaber in hand. On the back of the box is a cool description of the character and there is even a try me hole on the box so you can test this thing out from the box or before you buy it if you happen to be in stores.

This mask is really nice and makes for a great collectible which is a must have that I would recommend to the true Star Wars Fan that wants a functional piece of memorabilia from Star Wars: The force awakens.

The Mask

Kylo Ren Voice Changing Mask

On the front of the mask is a great silver finish and a mouth guard that has cool patterns within it that looks like actual wear and tear as would be found on the real deal along with cool dents that appear at odd spots over the helmet that makes it seems as a real thing that has been used in a sense. The hood covers the back of the mask and goes over the front a bit like a real hood and the mask itself has straps to secure it on your head as with a normal helmet. Also its very comfortable as the inside are padded for maximum comfort and it can fit from kids to adults as the straps are adjustable to your liking.

Voice Changing

Inside the helmet there is a mic that is used to pic up and change your voice and also there is a button at the side that can be used to trigger voice samples from the movie if you like. The voices are cool sounding and clear and there are a handful of the prerecorded ones to play through.

The actual voice changer that changes your speech also works nicely and disguises your voice and it ends up sounding allot like Kylo Ren which is one of the best features about this mask and makes it appealing and great as a collectible item. I really love this mask and think its one of the best ones that you can find right now on the market for sale and you should definitely check it out as its features and price strike a great balance and it can be really cool just for fun or role-playing.

Why you should get this?

  1. The mask looks really great and accurate to the movie.
  2. The voice changing effects are perfect.
  3. The eye section with the shaded visor looks nice.
  4. Fits comfortably.


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