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kids karaoke machine

Who knows your kid could be the next big American idol or singer that we have yet to see and right now you can nurture that singing talent with a kids karaoke machine that’s well suited for your child. After all singing is a talent that can be trained and will grow with practice, so if you have a small one that shows an early love for singing and is always singing the best gift you could possibly give him or her is a Karaoke machine so they can own their skills as much as they want.

On that note however finding the right Kids Karaoke machine may be harder than you think as while they may be easy to find there are so many that exist that it can be hard to sift through the pile to actually find some really nice ones that’s worth your time and are reliable. However not to worry as right now I have condensed the list down to the ones that are really worth your attention as can be seen below:

kids karaoke Machine

1.Disco Light Karaoke Mic stand

kids karaoke machine

This cool karaoke machine for kids is perfect for the upcoming super star that you are growing right now, this device will allow the kids to sing along with their favorite songs by themselves or with the rest of the family as backup singers. Also includes a convenient Audio jack to take external input from devices such as a MP3 player or a smartphone to plug-in your favorite tunes and right out of the box you will have default built-in songs to start using this thing right away out of the box.

For cool effects and motivate your little singer there are cool crowd noises to get that feel as if they are in front of an actual crowd. I really love the ability of this device to plug into a phone and play any song you want and how convenient it is to use as it removed from the box with its built-in music.Also make sure that you pick up four (4) double AA batteries to power this as your child will need all the power she can get.

2. Little Virtuoso Idol Maker Microphone Limited Edition Pink

kids karaoke machine

This cool karaoke machines has everything a kid could want including height adjustable stand, on and off switch, volume control, Audience clapping effect to motivate your little star and you can choose to use the microphone attached to the stand or detached your choice.  The adjustable size of the stand make it suitable for almost any age of child and you can attach a variety of MP3 devices to play various songs of your choice and like the unit above there are built-in songs to start using it out the box. Your child or Grand child will fall in love with this great device as they sing up a crazy storm of her favorite songs be prepared.

3. VTech Kidi Karaoke Toy

kids karaoke machine

I love this particular model as the smaller kids or even toddlers can really enjoy this unit and is perfect for teaching them about learning and programmed into this unit is a total of 15 kids approved tunes that they can sing along to as they receive their Karaoke machine. Kids will love the voice changing effect which are sure to delight and amaze them including little toddlers. Another component of this unit that makes it really appealing is that it can also teach kids numbers and letters and is really appealing for educational purposes and the included mike is ideal for the kids to really grow their musical talent. This machine is ideal for smaller kids as small as age 3 and above and is battery-powered and is highly portable. This unit is best for smaller kids and has a cool display for the kids.

Songs Built in includes:

  • Row the boat
  • ABC
  • The Alphabet song.
  • 3 Little kittens

and much more songs to delight kids and grow their ability to sing and learn at the same time.

4. VTech Strum and Jam Kidi Musical Guitar Band

kids karaoke machine

This is one versatile device that can be a piano, guitar and a drum which will develop your kids musical talents in various instruments. This device also includes programmed kids songs that the kids can enjoy and ideal for kids around 3 years old and is powered by 3 AA batteries to power this unit and comes in 3 different musical modes of Jazz, hip-hop and rock to suit any musical tastes or preference. I really like this device as its well made and very nice for the smaller kids.

5. Karaoke Machine for Kids Sing Along

kids karaoke machine

This is quite the unique device as it comes with two mikes that can be detached from the stand and excellent for a duet especially if you have multiple kids and comes with three (3) different dance beats and sound effect for them to sing along with and as with any kids karaoke machine they can connect a MP3 or CD player or even a smartphone and jam to their favorite tunes karaoke style. For the ultimate effect there are flashing stage lights to make them really feel like they are performing live.

6. Portable Kids CD player & Karaoke Machine for Kids Sing Along

kids karaoke machine

This kids Karaoke machine is one of my favorites as its compact and highly portable and can be easily programmed for the kids personal tastes with two Microphones built-in so they can sing along and each mic has its own volume control and the ability to turn off each specific mic. This makes for a perfect gift for any child that loves nothing but singing all the time they will really enjoy a gift that will grow their talents.

I hope you enjoyed this list and found the perfect Karaoke machine for kids, you can also check out this one for adults as well.


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