Jurassic World Indominus Rex

jurassic world indominus rex

The new Jurassic World movie is a hit and so too is the Jurassic world Indominus Rex toy. It’s so cool that kids will be captivated by its features which includes color changing skin and movable limbs with a huge jaw. Best of all he is huge and roars with a terrifying roar the children will like for playtime with their other toys.

Its kind of traditional that with every Jurassic Park movie that is released that we get toys of the popular dinosaurs and if my memory serves me right from I was a kid dinosaur Toys were right up there with myG.I. Joe action figures, you can’t beat that level of popularity easily. If you don’t know who Indominus Rex is (spoiler alert) he is the hybrid dinosaur that was created in Jurassic world.

The Packaging

jurassic world indominus rex

The packaging features markings with the Jurassic World logo. The packaging also out lines the features of this toy which includes:

-Lights and sounds- the lights are on the back of the toy.

There are also details on the types of batteries that this Toy will need which is two AA batteries for it to work with sound and light. On the back is a breakdown of the packaging is all the features with a main picture of Indominus Rex. The skin actually morphs or changes in color thanks to the lights embeded in the skin and it also outline other toys in the series on the back of the box.Also for convenience the tail has been removed and packaged in the box and once you remove the toy you will need to attach the tail to the rest of the figure. The tails simply snaps into place and holds firm.

Outside the Box

This things head is huge and to actually get it to balance you will need to pivot it to get the perfect balance between its head and tail. It’s really large and the attention to detail in the design is very good. The head is made from a pliable material that really soft and is something kids should find enjoyable to manipulate as they play. The lower body is however hard plastic. The sound itself comes from the underside of the toy which is the belly and  which is also the area for storing the batteries, to get to the batteries you will need to remove the screws with a Philips screwdriver which is very easy.

Light and sound Effects

The back has a light effect which is activated by pulling the arms down, when you do this the mouth opens and the back lights up as the Indominus Rex roars. The lights on the back even change colors from Orange to red and lingers a bit after the roar. The sound effects also varies so you will not only getting one monotonous sound effect all the time.

Design and Paint Job

The paint Job is really well done as the sculpture has all the main details and outlines as with the actual dinosaur from the movie. The only places you will see any inconsistency in the paint job is with the mouth portions which is negligible. From head to tail the sculpture is about 20 inches long and about 9 inches tall.

Overall I really like the Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure as its well made and provides kids with fun variety which makes it a easy winner as a kids gift. Its sure to be a hit for small boys who are into dinosaurs.


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