Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

Intex  Metal Frame Pool Set

With a cheap and affordable Intex Metal Frame Pool Set you can have the pool you always dreamed of right in your backyard. You can have that getaway that you always dreamed of. That chill spot so you and your family can have some real fun and it does not require investing thousands of dollars.

All you have to do is simply assemble the pool which is very easy. Fill it up with water and start enjoying great memories at home. You know how summers are long, well this is the perfect way to beat the heat of the summer. The pool is above ground and does not require excavation.This makes thing super easy for you and the family and who does not like convenience.

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Size Options

Size is everything depending on the backyard space you have. Well don’t worry as what I really like is the variety of sizes that range from:

  1. 12 Feet by 30 inches.
  2. 15 feet by 48 inches
  3. 18 feet by 48 inches.
  4. 24 feet by 52 inches.

Which are ideal sizes to meet just about any need you may have. You could even have a pool party with the larger sizes of these round intex pools.

Whats in the Box?

Everything comes in a nice and convenient box that includes: the pump, connecting hoses,PVC frame for the pool and liner

Intex Metal Frame Pool Set Review

Right out of the box this is an easy pool to assemble. The only requirement is that you do need a level yard or surface for this pool to actually work well. It also comes with a pump that works great. Also remember to pick up your regular pool chemicals such as chlorine with this pool as you will need them.

The side walls are made from a very tough PVC and the filler pump works well and filters the water for super clean and crystal clear water all the time. There is also a built-in drain plug that you can connect a garden hose and drain the water safely at a distance. For your safety there is a ground fault that shuts off the pump if electricity is exposed to the water for your safety.

If this pool is not to your liking thencheck out other great pools setsthat are just as good and equally affordable for you.

I find that as summers are getting even hotter that this makes this a great investment. This is especially true for the kids who will enjoy this the most. Plus you can have them help with the assembly and that can make them really feel even more a part of things.

How many people can fit in this pool?

Is all depends on the size. The average one can do about 6-7 and if you go for the really big one then that number goes way up. A small family can go for the smaller sizes.

What others are saying about this product?

Bob says:

“Looking for a fun pool to cool off in for a small price. This is the one….”

Tan says:

“We loved it! It’s exactly as described! Great pool for floating catching rays or sharing with grandkids…”

Ray says:

“This pool is awesome! Easy set up and good made.

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Why you should buy this:

1. Easy to set up.

2. Low maintenance.

3. Way cheaper than a regular pool.

4. very affordable.

5. Great safety features

Why you may skip this:

1. It does require some space such as a backyard and relatively flat ground which may limit some people.

The only thing you need after getting this pool is some Water balloons or Super soaker for the kids. They can then have a really fun summer party with there friends.


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