Hugging Elmo Toy

Hugging Elmo

Hugging Elmo-Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

The beloved Elmo from Sesame Street needs no introduction as one of the most unforgettable characters from the TV show. The Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo Plush has basically hit the world by storm, every toddler wishes that they will get this great toy as a gift for a birthday present or holiday gift.

The Hugging Elmo will provide countless hours of fun for your child as they sing along with Elmo and cuddle up with him at night as they go to bed. Best of all when they watch every kids favorite TV show Sesame street they will feel like Elmo is right there as they develop their imagination and learn and grow. This toy is perfect for either little girls and boys alike, see their face light up as Elmo speaks phrases such as:

“Elmo Loves you” and giggles in a classic Elmo voice.  The best thing is that this Toy is huge and it will be as if your child has his own personal friend right there with him or her. Hugging Elmo

Elmo also sings and gives hugs your child will simply love and adore this toy. Your child will catch on and dance along every chance they get, the Hugging Elmo also know when its been hugged and responds with a hug as well and a chuckle or a sweet word.

When its bed time don’t leave Elmo out he can sing lullabies that will help your child fall asleep in record time. The Hugging Elmo is approximately 21 inches tall and requires four 1.5V Double A alkaline batteries so remember to pick up a few, this toy is best suited for small kids anywhere between Ages 18 months to 4 years of age especially if they are big fans of sesame street.

In all Elmo has 3 songs that he will sing randomly and is arms readily adjust for a hug when embraced. The best thing that I love personally  about this Elmo that makes it superior to its predecessor the  outdated Tickle Me Elmo is this ones more interactive and very cuddly guaranteeing that kids will have hours of fun and not grow bored of it quickly.

Sensors inside Elmo detects when he is laying down and he will respond accordingly which is a sign its bed time, for convenience he can be powered off conveniently, the fur is quite nice which makes him quite huggable and just in cases he says the cutest affirmations and catch phrases that will make even adults fall in love with him.

Why you should get this for your Kid:

  • This toy is a trusted and well received brand by kids all over the world.
  • Teaches your kids positive attitudes and interaction
  • Very interactive and fun to play with
  • Comes with different interactive play modes.

What might change your mind:

  1. Requires Batteries to operate.


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Which Elmo was your favorite? we would love to know what you think of the Elmo Toys in the comments section below, after all we are a family oriented website and would love a mothers opinion.


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