HP Stream Laptop under $200

HP Stream Laptop

Check out the HP Stream Laptop that is a great budget Laptop that’s also a solid Laptop Under 200 for those who are looking for a best selling item that doubles as a deal. The Laptop is both lightweight and highly portable and gives great performance satisfaction that’s guaranteed.  From the great color options down to the hardware you will love everything that this Laptop will offer to you the end-user.

From a performance stand point you will be getting a 11.6 inch or 13.3 inch high-definition screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels that’s LED with your choice of Windows 10 or Windows 8. The processor is a dual core that’s clocked at a very respectable 2.16 GHZ with 2 GB of RAM that’s DDR3, with support for video out by HDMI with USB 2.o support and a 32 GB SSD hard drive for very fast performance and speed.

I could hardly believe the very low price considering how well the Laptop did at tying, streaming my favorite movies and the occasional simple Game that I threw at it. This easily can become your productivity PC for getting work done as aschool student or completing various tasks at home the choice is yours to what you want to do with this.

Now don’t get me wrong this PC will not break any speed records but its in no means slow and considering that you can do everything you can mainly do on a PC that cost even fives times as much, this is a great achievement by HP minus the small hard drive they included that was the only drawback that I could find with it. You can laugh all the way to the bank with the savings you will get after buying this Laptop or use the extra cash to get a high capacity SD card that can be used to extend the memory of this Laptop.

This makes this HP Stream a great choice for those on a very tight budget and are in need of a solid PC to get things done, it just works and does the things it does well and at a fraction of the price of other Laptops with similar performance.

Whats Missing?

It,s really important that you note that this Laptop does not have a DVD drive which is not really a problem considering that most people use a USB flash drive most times or you can get a external DVD drive to remedy this situation.

What others are saying about the HP Stream?

“I just bought my nephew who is going to college an HP Stream…Beautiful and powerful computer.”

“I ordered the… laptop for school. This laptop is perfect such great quality, nice color and apps”

“This is my second purchase Have one Blue and one Orchid….”

Why you should get this great deal of a Laptop?

1. At under $200 this is a really great deal.

2. Solid performance for everyday tasks.

3. Unique and beautiful color options.

4. Great extras that comes bundled with this Laptop.


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