Hide N Squeak Eggs

Hide N Squeak Eggs

The Hide N Squeak Eggs from Tomy is a very cool kids toys that shaped like a tray of six eggs that has various facial expressions and each can be opened to reveal various colored chicks in colors such as yellow as with the first one out the box.

The yellow chick Egg

This egg has a surprised looking face on it. When the top is removed it reveals a yellow chick, You can also press the cool hidden bird inside each egg to hear a cool sound effect. Also if you check out the base of each egg you will notice a shape which is the such as a squire with the yellow egg.

The Purple Chick Egg

The purple egg has a picture of a crying face and inside you will find a purple chick and this one makes a chirping bird sound. On the underside of this one we have a Plus (+) symbol.

The Orange Chick Egg

This one has a face that’s licking its lips and inside you have a Orange chick and on the bottom you can find a circle for this Tomy hide and squeak eggs.

The Blue Chick Egg

This egg has a mischievous face and the bird inside is of a Blue color and makes the usual bird sound when pressed, on the underside you can find a star shape.

The Pink Chick Egg

This eggs shows a sleeping face and when opened you see a pink chick that can make cool bird sounds when pressed. At the base of this one you will find a triangle shape.

The Green Chick Egg

The final egg has a very happy smiley face and inside is a green bird and at the base we have a heart shape.

Who is this toy for?

This toy is perfect for 1 year old and up.

Whats the Function?

This toy set is ideal for teaching kids how to identify colors, basic shapes and developing kids memory skills as they grow and develop.

Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs
List Price: $14.99
Price: $12.57
You Save: $2.42

Why you should get this?

1.Great for developing kids ability to identify colors and shapes.

2. Very cheap and effective Educational toys.

3. Durable and well made.


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