Halo mega Bloks Exclusive Spartan Tribute Set

halo mega bloks

The Halo mega Bloks Exclusive Spartan Tribute Set is a cool set of Halo themed Mega blocks. Inside the set is 20 figures in total. Also included is a cool stand so you can display them all on. Included in the set are various colored Halo spartan armors including the dark green spartan 2 with mark 4 armor. These are some exclusive figures that wont be made like this again.

The Figures

All the figured are painted nicely with a Matt black finish on the hands and joint areas. This brings up the main color nicely . Colors include red,blue,orange,green and various shades of the same color in some cases. Some of the figures have standard weapons or covenant weapons which varies between figures.

You also get a great stand to mount your figures on which is really nice addition to this set that I really like. The Halo mega bloks set is really good and build well and worth the cost. On the front of the stand is a Halo 4 multiplayer emblems which is a nice touch to the set.


The weapons these action figures have include: rocket launcher, shotgun,plasma pistol, Emery sword, battle rifle, magnum, sniper rifle, flamethrower and much more.

Who is this set for?

This set is great as a Gift or as a collectors item for Halo fans its the perfect tribute to lovers of Halo to see a collection of some of the best characters from the series displayed like this. It can be for kids or adults and it a perfect tribute to the Halo series that looks really nice.

I really like this set and think it well made and offers lots of variety, a great collectors stand and really shows off Halo for what it is so go ahead and give this set a try.

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