Gift Ideas for Dad for any Occasion

gift ideas for dad

We promise your dad will not look this goofy

So a special day is coming up soon and you need to choose a great gift ideas for dad to celebrate his special occasion whether its is Birthday, Christmas, Birthday or Fathers day it really does not matter as you have found your way to one of the greatest resources in your arsenal to find the perfect gift for your father. Count on it that we can and will place a permanent smile on those flushed cheeks when he opens is present and is blown away at the consideration and thoughtfulness that you placed into is present.

gift ideas for dad

Dads may seem hard to shop for but once you understand the basics of the way men think then you should have no issue choosing winning gift every time. Rule one of men gift buying is that men are logical creatures and enjoy functional gifts that they can practically use and go back to-day after day if this basic requirement is not met then your gift is destined for a shelf of those items that they got as gifts but have no practical use for. But I am sure you want your gift to stand out and becomes dads most prized possession-right?

Great Gift Ideas for Dad

1. Best Dad Ever T-Shirt

Make it official get him a T-Shirt that crown him the best dad in the world he will love the gesture, so much that he may never decide to take it off at all even when he goes to bed. Best part of this is that others will acknowledge that he his the greatest dad in the world as he owns the shirt that says it.

2. Breaking Bad Heisenberg Walter White  Action Figure

If your dad is a breaking bad fan…what am I saying of course he is, so get him a collectable action figure from the TV series Breaking bad that can remind him of all the great times when you guys were watching or discussing the great TV series.

3.Whisky Chilling Rocks

Get an Ice cold drink without a refrigerator-Bet you thought this was not possible, this is classic man cave must have merchandise, it makes an even better gift, it will simply amaze any one who see them and the way they work your dad will then definitely have a nice story about that day you gave them to him as a Gift.

4. Garmin Head-Up Display

gift ideas for dad

This is the stuff Sci-Fi movies are made of, a navigation system that projects unto the wind screen while you drive, you may not get it but dad will totally flip out at this awesome fit idea.

5. DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter

A quadcopter is all dad will need to enjoy is time in the park where he can fly is copter to is hearts content and capture great video footage from the air.

6. Samsung Galaxy Gear S

Any one can get dad a great watch but that’s lame, get a watch with a difference and that where a smartwatch comes in handy such as the new Samsung Galaxy Gear S.

7. ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME170CX-A1-BK 7-Inch 16GB Tablet

If your dad is yet to own a Tablet computer then help him take the plunge with a great performing and cheap tablet that would make a great gift idea.

8. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV - 1st Generation
List Price: $99.99
Price: N/A
You Save: N/A

This little box is an all in one entertainment unit for dad that ideal for movies and games, dad will be able to access all the best video services from is television set such as Netflix, Pandora, HuluPlus and much more.

9. Recliner chair

Dad has earned the right to sit back and relax during is days, nothing will help him relax like a Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG Dark Brown Leather Rocker Recliner. This recliner chair simply is meant for the true Lazy boy who wants to relax.

10. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver

Get dad a shaver to keep is personal hygiene in tact as he saves and keeps on looking like the dad that you know and love. For a perfect shave each time no other Electric shaver does a better job than Panasonic.

The only thing missing now for you is to select some quality gift wrap and present any of these great gifts to dad and wait for the magic to happen, I hope you enjoy our gift selections as we enjoyed compiling them just for you and your dad.


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