Furry Adventure Slippers

furry adventure slippers

You just got to love these furry adventure slippers that puts a unique twist on the traditional slippers. They are great for keeping your feet warm in cold weather and they feel even warmer and better than you might think, imagine pulling these out on a cold day and moving around the house in your cold weather attire you could ask for nothing else. I really love them as they look very goofy while being functional in every way, they draw attention too for anyone who witnesses you wearing them about the house. There use is not limited to cold weather and you can practically wear them at any time you like.

I think they make your feet look like your are the sasquatch or you have a Hobbit’s Feet in a cute and fun way. I especially like the material from which these slippers are built and the extra soft hair that grow from the top of the toes. The underside is also equally well made with material to grip any surface to prevent you from accidentally slipping on some surfaces.

A great Gift

These make a great and unique gift for either male or females who can wear them and its nice as you don’t have to worry about shoe size in this case. You can give these at any time especially over the holiday in colder months or whenever as they are sure to be loved by any one who receives it.

What Size are they?

It’s basically one size fits all with these furry slippers so don’t worry about the size as they will fit almost any size foot except very small kids feet. The colour scheme is also nice to look at and goes well with almost any attire you can match it with.


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