Funko Pop Golden Frieza

Funko pop golden frieza

Its finally here, its the Funko Pop Golden Frieza figure and its a Exclusive figure that’s rare to find and with this action figure you can complete your Dragonball Z Funko Pop collection. This unit is numbered 47 and is a unique looking figure which makes him very distinctive from all other funko pop in this series which is a good thing.

Golden Frieza is well made and looks awesome to boot. Being a fan of Dragonball Z makes this figure a must have for any collector. Its never been a better time to be a Fan of the series with the new series Dragon Ball Super and the release of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ which features Friza being brought back to life and achieving a new level of power with is Golden form which is featured with this Funko pop figure, fans can rejoice. The new form looks cool and now you can remember it forever with this figure as part of your collection.


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