Fisher Price Batman trike with Lights and Sounds

Fisher price batman trike

The fisher price batman trike is a cool kids trike that requires some assembly right out the box but not to worry as you can have the whole thing done within about 25 minutes or so easily. This can also be a great bonding experience for you and the kids as they see their new bike being put together and get to have a say in the way its decorated when finished which will make them feel like the ultimate super hero.

Cool Batman stickers

In my opinion the coolest touch is the very cool  and stylish batman stickers that gives this bile a very distinguished and unique look which is very attractive to the kids. The bike is also powered by three (3) AA batteries and this is to power the lights and sounds features which can be controlled by the instrument panel on the handle bar.

Adjustable Seats

The seats are adjustable which can be moved at will to the height of your kid and for the best possible fit. There is a setting for short, medium and long leg kids. The seat pops right into place and will support your child comfortably so they can play with the instrument panel as they ride.

Fisher price batman trike

Interactive Lights and sounds

Once it’s powered on with the on switch on the instrument panel . Kids can take up the radio and click the button to hear Batman speak various expressions. By clicking the left arrow you will hear batman say he is moving left and he can also do the same for the right arrow.

There is also a yellow button to start the ignition, a music button to have music play or you can click the alarm button to hear a cool alarm that sounds like a danger alarm sounds. The sounds are quite fun and some of the coolest sounds kids tend to really love to hear and they will really love to play with the Fisher-Price DC Super Friends Batman Lights And Sounds Trike.

Maximum Supported Weight and Age group

This fisher price batman trike supports a total weight of 60 pounds and suitable for kids 2 and above.

Very Stable

The trike has a very wide base and features a three wheel design with 2 wheels in the back and one big one up front and is often called a big wheel because of this main wheel. It can be used by the kids either indoors or on the outside and its easy for kids to pedal and move as they need to either forwards or backwards.

Other styles and design

The fisher price Batman trike also comes in other themes and designs that suitable for both girls and boys. These include: Dora the explorer, Barbie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Thomas the train for you to choose from.

Why you should buy:

  1. Adjustable seats for any size kid.
  2. Looks great and comes in various styles for girls and boys.
  3. Makes interactive lights and cool sounds.
  4. Well priced.


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