The Datavac


The Datavac or Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac is a very cool tool that everyone who owns a computer should have to remove dust from their electronic devices especially their computers. The Datavac can save you a whole lot of money that would have been otherwise spent on Canned Airwhich will eventually run out, but not with the Datavac, you can use it repeatedly and for years without need to do anything.

The DataVac is very durable as its constructed from steel which means that it will last very long, and the feature that I like the best is the fact that it comes with interchangeable heads that can be attached to suit your cleaning needs. With canned air you run the risk of getting foam or liquid on your computer components or gadgets which as you know electronics and water do not mix, but with this electric duster you are able to remove dust from almost anything without such risk efficiently.


The unit has been built for maximum portability as things are very compact and light weight and provides a consistent and continuous stream of air from the moment you turn it on until you turn off the duster. A word of warning make sure if you are using this duster to clean your dusty computer that you take the unit into an open area with free air flow, the duster will get rid of every spec of dust even some that you cannot see and that dust must go somewhere so be waned.

It has a firm grip handle and the mouth piece extensions make it great for getting into tight spaces and between components which I really like, there is literally no where that dust will go in your devices that you wont be able to follow. In the past I would have to disassemble my computer and painstakingly dust each component, now I simply fire this up and dust away without needing to open a screw of any kind. I love this duster and so will you when you see the awesome job it does.

Advantages of this Electronic Duster

1. Last Longer than Canned Air and can be used repeatedly.

2. Does not run the risk of damaging sensitive Electrical equipment as would canned air.

3. Very cost-effective and reliable.

4. Well constructed to last.

5. Comes with various attachable extensions to add to functionality.

Reasons you May Skip this Product

1. Gets a little noisy but that’s to be expected, but is bearable.

2. Get hot when run for extended periods.



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