Cool and Thoughtful Gifts for writers

gifts for writers

Would the real writers in the room please stand up? Weather you are a lover of books or not there is something that stays true all year-long and that is when you are buying gifts it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift especially for wild cards in the family such as writers if you get my meaning, this is even worse if they are friends. So my objective today is to help you in finding cool as well as thoughtful gifts for writers for virtually any occasion. Now you can remain at ease at the thought of getting someone who is a writer a great gift without cringing at the thought or be riddled with the conflict of wondering whether they will like their gift or not.

Gifts for Writers

So let’s get this ball rolling as we look at the best gifts for writers, these gifts are guaranteed to be a sure hit:



gifts for writers

You got to enjoy the humor and Witt behind the PLEASE DO NOT ANNOY THE WRITER Mug

2. Writer Emergency Pack

gifts for writers

Even writers run into a little trouble some times and need some inspiration which makes the Writer Emergency Pack a perfect gift for writers.

3. CafePress Writer Funny Gift Women’s Light Pajamas

gifts for writers

Writers are very creative and with a nice Pair of Pajamas with the witty words:”There are two kinds of people in this world and being a writer is better than both of them ” she can remind every one of that.

4. Kindle Fire HD 7

gifts for writers

This is by far one of the most stylish and flexible gifts that you can give as a gift to a writer. The Kindle Fire HD 7 allows for access to Millions of books on demand, it’s a writer or book lovers dream come true.

5. FINEJO Women Retro Newspaper Print PU Leather Tote Handbag

gifts for writers

I am sure you will agree that this is a very unique looking Handbag and a very classy and creative gift idea that would be really appreciated for a female writer as a thoughtful gift.

6. Plush Bed Rest

gifts for writers

This gift is ideal for those who love reading or writing in bed, thisBed Rest makes for an even better gift for a writer.


gifts for writers

This is a very Unique Book Shelf that can be used to hold a number of stuff around an apartment and a nice gift that durable and will last a very long time making it a top pick as a gift for writers.

8.Drink with the Great Drinkers Shot Glass Set

gifts for writers

These are some of the most interesting Shot Glasses that you will come across which make them great due to the iconic characters who are printed on each of the different glasses in the set.

9.Book Lover’s Memory

gifts for writers

A fun card Game that any Book Lover will have a blast playing, Book Lover’s memory is a great item to give as a gift.

10. On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft Paperback

gifts for writers

This book was written by Stephen King and reveals much about the art of writing a great and thoughtful gift that you could give to an aspiring or established writer to help to take their craft to the next level.

If you did not find a suitable gift or gifts for writers then check out these other great gifts that would be suitable for a writer here and as always have fun shopping.


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