Christmas Funko Pop Figures

I love me some Funko pop just like the next person and since the holiday season is drawing near I thought I would do a Christmas Funko Pop special. These are all the cool collectables Christmas themed Funko Pops that you can get your hands on that’s modeled after iconic and classic characters. There are so many options available in funko pops such as these that we did earlier and we though we would just expand on things by doing this new list. I have also included Funko pop nightmare before Christmas versions as well to liven things up a bit.

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Christmas Funko Pop

1.Funko Santa POP

christmas funko pop

Santa has never looked jollier than he does in Funko pop form and he is here to spread joy and good will for the holiday. This is by far the best Santa Funko pop that can be found on the market now. The head is really pronounced on this figure as with all funko pops. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate the Christmas season and top of all this figure is well made and you wont be disappointed.

2. Funko Rudolph POP

christmas funko pop

A Santa Funko pop would not be complete without a Rudolph and here he is in Funko pop form complete with red nose. With this reindeer you will be able to lead Santa through the darkest of nights as he delivers presents for the kids of the world. This is a classic Funko pop that you must have for your collection before it disappears forever.

3.Funko POP Holiday: Elf on The Shelf Vinyl Figure

christmas funko pop

What would Santa do without is little helpers that makes everything all possible. Make sure to get a few elves to really make things go your way this Christmas. Kids will love this Funko pop and you can commemorate the holiday is the best way possible. This the perfect Christmas themed Funko pop for the holiday.

If you are still looking for even more Christmas themed Funko pops then look no further than right here for more options.

4.The Nightmare Before Christmas – Santa Jack

christmas funko pop

It’s the perfect mash-up of Christmas and Halloween all rolled into one meet Santa Jack I am sure you get it once you look at is menacing smile. This is a character from The Nightmare before Christmas which is now a classic. You can also get your hands on other Funko pops from this series to collect of you are a true fan they are all high quality and worth the money.


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