Chewbacca Hoodie

chewbacca hoodie

Straight out of Star Wars we have the Chewbacca hoodie that looks awesome and is something that all true Star wars fan will love as its easily recognizable and looks good on top of that. The first thing that you will notice about this Chewie hoodie is that its very furry right out of the box but in a nice  Chewie Chewbacca way, there is a zipper up front with some nice pockets in front to keep your hands warm when its cold outside, it also has a Wookie shoulder strap  that runs across the front and back just like the one Chewie wears in the movies, the hood itself is very nice and furry and completes the look when you drape it over your head.

Also don’t blame me at the end of the day if someone mistakes you for the real thing especially if you were to wear the mask to complete the look-lol. From a functionality stand point it’s very warm and should be more than adequate to keep you warm during cold times. The fur is a nice shiny wookie hair and best of all this Chewbacca hoodie can work for either males or females.This thing is a definitely must have for Star wars fan especially in colder months when you want to go out especially to a movie premier and you want to show your love of star wars, other wise this thing can be worm just about anywhere. The best thing about this hoodie is that it’s both fun and practical in terms of functionality which is a great combination and the price is well worth it for what this hoodie is.

chewbacca hoodie

Fitting and choosing your size

This hoodie is very bulky and when getting yours buy it in a slightly larger size than normal  considering this will be worn in colder months, unless you like a close fit for your winter wear.

What is this thing made of?

This hoodie is made of mostly Cotton and Polyester (40%) , the mix makes for a very warm combination and its machine washable for easy cleaning.

Why you should get this?

1. Your are a major star wars fan.

2. You are looking for something Practical and fun to wear.

3. Will keep you warm and looking nice in a Chewbacca way during colder months.

4.Great at drawing attention and conversation starter.


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