Cheap Smartwatches that are under $100

Cheap Smartwatches

So are you in the market for a very Cheap and affordable Smartwatch? Well owning a Smartwatch does not have to be super expensive as some might want you to believe. There are a variety of cheap and affordable brands on the market that does a very good job and does not require an insane amount of money to own.

If you are like me you are always looking out for a deal and with my help I will be helping you to identify the best cheap Smartwatches that money can buy today. These device will be for the most part devices that are priced under $100. But don’t worry as while these device are priced low they will still offer you great value for the money.

In a Hurry? >>Here are some of the bestCheap Smartwatches on the market right now.<<

Cheap Smartwatches

1.LETSCOM Smart Watch

The Letscom Smartwatch looks like a regular Analog Quartz watch but it’s so much more as it can track your fitness with cool features such as Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Call or Message Vibration notification.You will get  PU Leather or Textured Nylon Band in the pack.

You are going to love the stainless steel look that makes it look really classy. The best feature to me is that you don’t have to charge it for 8 Moths. Lets see another Smartwatch try that,they wont even come close. Did I mention its water-resistant and wont be destroyed if it gets a little wet as well.

2.Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch Black
List Price: $37.99
Price: $37.99
You Save: N/A

Pebble may be a Smartwatch name you heard being thrown around a few times. You can choose between four (4) major colors including: white, black, pink and red. You can view various notifications on your device which includes: email, SMS, Caller ID, calendar and much more.

You can customize your watch face with a look that you like. You can also control various music players such as iTunes and best of all it works with both Apple devices and Android based ones.

3.DZ09 Smartwatch

The Dz09 Smartwatch is cheap and does a variety of things such as giving you the ability to make calls, get notifications and with Support for Apps such as Whatsapp and Twitter. You will be able to play music and interact with your phone like never before all without needing to take it from your pocket.

4.GT88 NFC Life Waterproof Smart Watch

This Smartwatch has everything you have come to expect from smartwatches and more. Its waterproof too so don’t worry should it get wet. You can connect it to your phone, play music, control your camera remotely and other cool features.

5.VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is one that’s designed for Kids, you can easily tell by the interface that’s not only goofy looking but is also functional.You can choose from four colors and this one is great for either Girls or boys. Kids can take picture or shoot videos, change watch faces, record their voice and a variety of things kids tend to find enjoyable. You can read more about the VTech Kidizone Smartwatch by clicking on the product image above.



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