Capture the Flag REDUX

Capture the Flag REDUX

We are all familiar with the traditional game of capture the Flag. However with Capture the Flag REDUX has added a twist to the popular game by adding a glow in the dark kit that allows players to play at night. Now isn’t that exciting? You could also play inside a large room such as a gym and make the room dark and play. The same thing could also be achieved in the back of the yard at home if you have the space.

This set is also great for camping experiences with kids.So if you plan large camping events with lost of kids I would advise you to have this in your bag of tricks to keep the kids occupied for the long run.

Whats in the Box?

Capture the Flag REDUX

The box is well made and everything is neatly in place inside with individual compartments. Inside is an instruction manual and it runs you through using the Redux system. I really like the way it’s presented in a fun comic style.

  • After this you have 2 Orbs or balls. If you normally play with flags the balls take the place of these. There are buttons on the bottom that turn each orb on. You can choose from various colors such as red,green,blue, white, purple and so on. You can also go with a variable light setting where you have the orb changes colors randomly.
  • Included are also Jail markers. You will have 8 in total. There are four green and four blue. When you setup the playing field they are set in the form of a square with one in each corner to represent a jail. They use batteries the size of a watch battery.
  • You also have divider lights. There are 7 of them . They are red and act as the dividing lines between teams. They also flash in various strobe patterns. You can of course choose the pattern that you like. There is a button on each and they run off 2 triple AAA batteries.
  • You will also get 40 glow in the dark wrist bans and connectors.20 are blue and the other 20 are green. You will need to buy wrist bans in the future as you play more but don’t fret as they are cheap.
  • Finally you have the card deck which contains 12 cards. The cards introduce different rules such as werewolf VS Hunters, The president and so on. Each card changes the rule of the game a bit in fun ways and keeps the game fresh.

How to Play?

It’s easy to play, if the included instructions does not help you can watch the video below and seen how its done within a few minutes:

How durable are the Play Pieces?

The play pies that come with the set are very durable. You may have to get new wrist bans eventually but those can be picked up for cheap. To play you only need one set of these however if you are working with a larger group I advise that you pick up at least two of these to make things more prominent.

Also if you are going to play often I suggest you get some more wrist bans that glow to replace the ones that get lost or become broken.

In case you need it here are some great cheap additional Glow in the dark Wristbans just for you to keep extras on hand.

What else can I do with this Kit?

You could even mix things up further by playing additional Games such as Sharks and Minos and much more the system is so flexible that you can do so much with it.

How bright are the lights?

The lights are very bright and easily seen. You wont be missing anyone with these things on. They will stick out like a sore thumb.

What do I think of the Game?

Overall the capture the Fla Redux is a fun twist on the traditional game. Its way more fun now and with the card deck it wont get boring. I especially love the Werewolf Vs hunters variation, forgive me if I butcher the name but small kids especially will love this as they play against each other. Its exciting and adds mystery to the game and you don’t know who will win. I can see kids, adults and entire families and friends bonding over this one.

Why you should Get this Game?

  1. Its fun and interactive.
  2. Will keep kids fit and active.
  3. Very fun and has many variations.
  4. Great for Camps and home activity for kids in a small or large group.


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