Britax Pinnacle 90 Booster Car seat

britax pinnacle 90 booster car seat

The Britax Pinnacle 90 Booster Car Seat is a very easy to install and flexible car seat that can be adjusted to suit your needs quite easily, within this series there are three main models that have slight variations in their design, this article will be focused on the Pinnacle model.

What is a Booster Car seat?

A booster car seat is a car seat as the name suggests for older kids that are about 4 years old and above and weighing approximately 30-40 pounds and have essentially outgrown their regular car seat.  The natural transition should be from car seat to Booster car seat and then finally to a regular seat belt, you should never transition your child from a car seat right into a regular seat belt despite this might be the regular practice for some. You can brush up on child safety laws as it regards to booster seats here.

Britax Pinnacle 90 Booster Car seat

The Britax booster car seat, specifically the Pinnacle 90 is a best-selling unit on the market, the straps comes with a five point adjustable harness with comfortable shoulder straps to maintain maximum comfort for your child. There is also a no retread harness and flexible height adjustment for the back rest and what I love the most about it is the extra side impact cushioning technology that provides maximum protection for your child from either side in case of an accident. The cushions have been tested to absorb up to 45% of any impact from the side in case you are in an accident that involves your car being hit from the side, this could be the difference between your child getting a little bump on the head and some serious injuries or worse.

There is also a recliner feature built-in that’s not usually found on a Booster Car sea, found towards the base of the Booster seat that makes long marathons in the car e.g. when you are on a road trip which can make things go allot smoother and more comfortable for the young ones that may be along for the ride which is a priceless feature for any Mom or dad.

britax pinnacle 90 booster car seat

Also this booster seat fits easily and securely into an existing car without need for any special equipment, simply use a regular seat belt and install as the instructions direct by threading the seat belt through the hatch that’s built right into the Booster seat and secure it and close things right back up and you are good to go. Plus there are even cup holders to hold your child’s juice that include even his or her box juice and snacks, this Booster seat has it all.

See how the Pinnacle 90 compares to the other models in the series:

The Price

The price of this fabulous Booster seat is worth every dollar you will spend on it, remember you cannot put a price on your child safety and your piece of mind. Do not settle for anything less than the best car seat that money can buy.



  •  Excellent impact protection from the sides.
  • Absorbs shock in case of accidents.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Durable and made to last very long.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Convenient height adjustment
  • Cup holder for kids juice and more.


There are very little disadvantages that I could find with this product overall, except that it can be a bit on the bulky side but you can understand why due to the added protection that this great seat provides

I hope you have enjoyed our look at the Britax Pinnacle 90 Booster Car seat which has pleased many customers and managed to save the lives of many children after a collision and even protected them from serious injury in many cases, you simply cannot go wrong with this great booster seat for your child.


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