Black & Decker chv1510 Dustbuster

black & decker chv1510

You just got to love Black & Decker for their great products and even more so for creating the Black & Decker chv1510 Dustbuster which is like a magical wand right at your fingertips as you clean.The first thing that you will notice about this portable hand-held vacuum from black and Decker is that its highly portable and light coming in at just a few pounds which is no extra strain on the hands and to top things off it’s totally cordless giving you maximum freedom to carry it around.

Design and Build Quality

The Dustbuster is well designed and right out of the box its easy to assemble with very thoughtful features built into its design. The on switch is neatly place on the very ergonomically designed handle and can be switched on with the flip of your thumb and next to that is a switch to release the filter.

With a simple press of a button the entire cleaning head can be rotated to a perfect angle of your choosing such as 90 degrees, 45 degrees or even to clean upside down it’s all possible.

black & decker chv1510


The pieces detaches very easy and inside you will find the very effective filers which clean very well and are washable for convenience.When the back is off as well it exposes the dirt cup which can be emptied of its contents or cleaned easily.

Easy Charging

The Dustbuster chv1510 has a standard looking wall charger that plugs into the back of the device and a led that’s indicates charge that’s read on empty and turn green when fully charged.

The very similar Dustbuster CHV1410L charges on a sit stand charger that very flexible simply get the charger and seat it on its base using any orientation that you choose once the base is making contact it will charge.

Cleaning Nozzle

The most innovative portion of the Black & Decker chv1510 is the long adjustable nozzle that can be angled just right to reach virtually odd angles and to get to hard to reach places as indicated earlier.  At the very top is a flip head brush that can be flipped on the tip or adjusted backward and a tip that can be extended to give you extra reach for getting to area that other dusters other than the Dustbuster might find it hard to reach, this feature is ideal for cleaning your car and couch and those spots that seems as if you can never get to them with a regular hand held vacuum will be no more.

How well does it work?

Don’t be fooled by this Black and Decker cordless vacuum relative small size it lives up to its name of being a Dustbuster with very strong suction which is ideal for getting every spec of dust you are attempting to clean. It’s especially good at getting out or cleaning various particles from carpets or other similar surfaces in the house or car, also don’t worry bigger particles are actually sucked up instead of being pulverized or crushed.

black & decker chv1510

Switch over to harder surfaces and its cleans equally well without scratching or smudging the floor as it gets at the dust particles. The thing you will enjoy the most though is how easy you can whisk from one room to the other of the house without your arms getting tired which is super great as you can get more done quickly and thoroughly.

But after using this a bit you get to see a few of its short Cummings, such as the fact that due to the narrow width of the nozzle it takes time to clean very wide surface area which is not effective, this is not really a deal breaker but you do pay for that convenience of getting to small tight spaces that would be otherwise impossible to clean. Also occasionally watch out for the tip as it might stick on a carpeted surface every now and again.

This thing will get at almost anything including pet hair, pea grains, dust and allergens, rice grains, dirt and so on from a variety of surfaces including your living room couch. If you are deciding to get the dusterbuster for one reason get it to clean your car as most regular hand held vacuums need a variety of special attachments to clean out-of-the-way areas in a car but you will find no such problem here, this thing can reach virtually anywhere even without using the pull out built-in extension tip and the small nozzle really shows its worth here.

How noisy is it?

No one likes a noisy vacuum and thankfully the  Black & Decker chv1510 is not very loud, in fact the hum of the motor is just enough to indicate that it on and not to annoy you to the point of wanting to turn it off in annoyance.


As mentioned earlier the dirt cup is easily detached and is a simple matter of dumping the contents of the cup which takes only a few seconds, we really love devices that are big on convenience and the Dustbuster delivers.

The Black & Decker chv1510 or the CHV1410L model, whats the difference?

Both the black & Decker Dustbuster chv1510 or the Dustbuster CHV1410L are basically the same two devices and this review can apply to both devices the only difference is shuttle changes such as the 1410 L has a lithium ion battery is 16 volt while the chv1510 is cheaper and comes with a nicad battery and is 15.6-Volts and they both perform the same cleaning wise but you do take a hit with the chv1510 for the cheaper price and less effective battery.


For the best performance and longer battery life go for the Dustbuster CHV1410L:

For the best value and cheaper price with a slightly less effective battery go for the Dustbuster chv1510:

If you have a question do ask in the comments so that we can add anything we might have missed to this article to help a prospective shopper decide on the best hand held vacuum money can buy.


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